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World2 minors suffer injuries after 75 rockets detected originating from Lebanon -...


2 minors suffer injuries after 75 rockets detected originating from Lebanon – Israel’s military


During the ongoing war in Gaza, Israel’s military said about 75 rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel on Friday, and many of them were stopped.

Israeli emergency services said two men got hurt a little in the Galilee area. They were taken to the hospital.

The Israeli army said that on Friday, soldiers saw a Hezbollah launcher in Yaroun that was ready to launch rockets at Israel.

A little while later, an IDF fighter jet attacked and destroyed the launcher, stopping many launches,” the military said.

However, an Israeli airstrikes killed two boys in the town of Al-Najariya in southern Lebanon on Friday, according to Lebanon’s official National News Agency (NNA). 

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The two Syrian siblings, Ossama and Hani Al-Khalid, succumbed to their injuries from the air raid, NNA said.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military says the airstrikes targeted Hezbollah infrastructure in Al-Najariya that “posed a threat to Israeli aircraft,” accusing the group of operating in civilian areas and endangering lives.

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Around the same time, Hezbollah announced the death of one of its members, 62-year-old Hussein Khidr Mahdi, in the same area on Friday.

It is unclear if he was killed in the same airstrikes.

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