About Us

The Independent Ghana Newspaper (TIG) originally came into existence on March 6, 1989, with a very active news website now, tigpost.co

As a private Ghanaian press with over two decades under our belt, we shun news reporting which seeks to cast a slur on any government, personalities or groups. Our ultimate goal is to bring to your door step objectivity, truth and justice in our reportage.

Our news reports cover a wide area on issues of national and public interest and to further propagate our ‘news at your doorstep’ policy, we have adopted an unrivalled style of circulation.

The independent runs three editions in a week; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and cost GHC 2.00 (subject to adjustments if required)

Our paper is the preferred choice for advertisers who wish to bring their products and services either to a target market or the general public.

You are definitely assured of quality.



Tel: +233 20 241 6970 (WhatsApp call or text)
Working hours: 24/7