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LifestyleWhy you lost him: The unseen shift within


Why you lost him: The unseen shift within

When relationships end, it’s often a sign that something within needs to change. Your breakup might not be about hurting you but rather revealing the need for personal growth. Recognize your worth, resilience, and ability to thrive independently.

His departure might be creating space for someone better suited for you. If the train of your relationship didn’t stop, it wasn’t your destined journey. Believing this empowers your mindset, shaping your reality.

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Reflecting on my sister Anna’s breakup, she initially felt devastated, questioning her self-worth. Late one night, she discovered her ex’s engagement, adding to her distress. However, during our heartfelt conversation, it became evident that her chronic feeling of unworthiness was the real issue.

Blaming karma temporarily relieved her pain, but the deeper problem persisted. We explored a transformative question: “What kind of relationship do I want?” This question, often overlooked, holds the key to reshaping our perspectives and attracting positive outcomes.

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Anna, initially skeptical, began outlining her desires in a partner. Shifting from a mentality of unworthiness, she took charge of her desires. I encouraged her, emphasizing that she deserves happiness. By practicing a mindset of self-esteem, she gradually replaced old beliefs.

For a month, Anna repeated affirmations, embracing the idea that it’s for the best and she deserves happiness. As she refined her ‘preferred guy’ list, he unexpectedly appeared. A co-worker at the hospital, he entered her life when she was ready to welcome him without insecurities.

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The lesson learned: You can never lose what is truly meant for you. Embracing self-worth and defining your desires paves the way for a more fulfilling journey.

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