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LifestyleWhy ketu diet may be harmful to your health


Why ketu diet may be harmful to your health

More individuals are embracing the ketogenic diet for weight loss. Also known as keto, this low-carb diet transforms the body into a fat-burning mode, prioritizing fat over carbohydrates for energy.

Initially used for refractory epilepsy, especially in children, the diet has gained popularity among the youth, who share meal plans and challenges on social media.

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Common keto foods include low-fat vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli, cheese, avocado, meat, eggs, and coconut oil.

While many praise the diet for weight loss and health benefits, health officials caution against its adoption due to potential life-threatening risks.

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Mr. Prince Baidoo, head of the Dietherapy Unit at Tema General Hospital, warned against the dangers of drastically reducing carbohydrates and increasing fat intake, citing potential severe effects on the liver.

He urged individuals to pursue conventional, healthy weight control methods rather than succumbing to social media trends that may lead to serious diseases.

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Baidoo clarified that the ketogenic diet is reserved for patients with intermittent seizures, carefully assessed and prescribed by dieticians and medical teams.

Expressing bewilderment at healthy individuals adopting a therapy diet, he emphasized that patients on the diet are undergoing treatment, and weight loss is a side effect, not the primary goal.

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