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Students & ScholarshipsPursue a direct PHD in the USA with your Bachelor's Degree, here...


Pursue a direct PHD in the USA with your Bachelor’s Degree, here are a few tips

1. You must have a plan that includes the number of schools you want to apply to.

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2. Get all the basic documents required for the process

3. Go through the schools you have selected, their various websites, and check their general requirements and department/programs requirements.

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It’s important to check the programme requirements on that particular program’s department website because there might be additional requirements needed by the department.

4. Always check for funding, scholarships, or graduate assistantships on the school’s website before you apply.

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5. Talk to the people who are supposed to put in the recommendations and get a green light from them.

6. Remember that you are an international student. You can either go for a bachelor’s, master’s, or PHD, depending on your qualifications.

7. Start putting in your applications to the schools you have finally chosen and can meet their requirements. You might pay an application fee or not, depending on the school so always check for that. You can always apply for application fee waivers, it can be honoured or declined.

8. Make sure you successfully complete an application by filling out all relevant portions and uploading all relevant documents.

9.GRE/SAT and transcript evaluation are not compulsory and you can always dodge😅 them by looking for schools that do it insist on those requirements. But these documents help boost your funding/scholarship chances. You can still get funding or scholarships without them.

10. Also, focus on the public universities and colleges because, comparatively, their cost of attendance (COA) is comparatively better as compared to the private institutions.

11. You do not need to pay fees before you can go to school in the USA so we keep hitting on getting funding or scholarships for the process.

12. You can also use the cold emailing format to email program coordinators and graduate coordinators before applying to make certain inquiries before putting in your application. Not all of them will respond but never give up, keep on emailing others in different schools.

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