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Students & ScholarshipsA guide to becoming a Law student in Ghana


A guide to becoming a Law student in Ghana

To embark on the journey of becoming a law student in Ghana, the first step is to acquire a degree, typically spanning four years.

Any degree from a recognized institution qualifies, where “recognized” denotes acknowledgment by institutions offering law degrees such as UG, KNUST, GIMPA, Zenith, and Mount Crest.

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Following the completion of the initial degree, one can seek admission to institutions like UG, KNUST, GIMPA, Zenith, or Mount Crest for a two-year LLB (Bachelor of Laws) program.

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Upon successful completion of the LLB, with certain conditions met, one becomes eligible to enroll in the Ghana School of Law for the two-year Professional Law Course. The entire journey, from non-graduate to a qualified lawyer, typically takes about eight years.

An alternative route, referred to as Route 2, allows students with secondary school certificates to directly enroll in the LLB program at certain universities like UG and KNUST. This option shortens the overall duration of study, spanning approximately five years from university to the Ghana School of Law.

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Route 3 involves students pursuing the LLB program at a foreign university in a Commonwealth heritage country such as Britain, the USA, Canada, or Australia. Upon obtaining the LLB, successful application to the Ghana School of Law may secure a place in the full two-year program.

Alternatively, those admitted as lawyers in foreign countries with Commonwealth heritage may undergo a “conversion” process to the Ghana bar.

This involves enrolling in a three-month program, subject to potential changes, at the Ghana School of Law after meeting post-qualification conditions in the foreign country.

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