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WorldPalestinian authority denounces Israeli airstrikes in Rafah as "Massacre"


Palestinian authority denounces Israeli airstrikes in Rafah as “Massacre”

In the wake of Israel’s hostage raid in southern Gaza, a series of deadly airstrikes ensued overnight, prompting condemnation from the Palestinian Authority’s foreign ministry.

Describing the Israeli action as a “massacre” in Rafah, the PA, which governs the occupied West Bank, reported a death toll of 100 people along with numerous injuries.

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However, conflicting reports on the number of casualties emerged. While a spokesman for the Hamas-controlled health ministry in Gaza stated that at least 67 Palestinians were killed, earlier estimates had suggested around 100 fatalities.

In a statement released on [date], the ministry criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of orchestrating “mass massacres” driven by a desire for revenge rather than victory and in violation of international law.

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Despite international outcry, Netanyahu has reiterated his commitment to continuing the military offensive in Gaza.

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