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Doctor expresses concern for 25 family members trapped in Rafah amid Israeli airstrikes

British Palestinian doctor, Dr. Salim Ghayyda, expresses deep concern as 25 of his family members remain trapped in Rafah, where Israeli airstrikes claimed the lives of dozens overnight.

In an interview with the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland program, Dr. Ghayyda reveals that his relatives are cramped in a small flat along with 25 other individuals, including children. The dire living conditions force all 50 occupants to sleep on the floor, with the constant sound of exploding bombs disrupting their rest.

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Dr. Ghayyda explains that his brother, a nurse, has transformed the flat into an improvised health facility, given that all other clinics in the area have been “dismantled and destroyed.”

As a consultant pediatrician in Inverness, Dr. Ghayyda describes the situation as “unbearable,” particularly as he worries about the safety and well-being of his family, including a nephew battling cancer.

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“He has no idea whether his cancer is spreading or not. One of my nephews is autistic, so imagine the meltdown he goes into every time he hears the noises around him.”

” There is nothing in their life at the moment that you could consider a life. Water is contaminated, they have one meal a day, they have all become malnourished – especially the children.”

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“They have got no idea what time of the day they are going to be killed. It’s unbearable to be honest.”

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