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WorldOhio bank worker killed by building explosion; seven others injured


Ohio bank worker killed by building explosion; seven others injured


A huge blast destroyed the bottom floor of a building where apartments are, and it caused the death of a bank worker and hurt many others.

The explosion happened on Tuesday at around 2:45 pm. It caused the ground floor of Realty Tower to collapse into its basement and the building’s front wall to fall into the street. The area was blocked off by construction fencing. The building has 13 floors. You can find a Chase Bank on the first floor and apartments on the floors above.

The bank worker, who is 27 years old, was seen inside the building before the explosion, said the Youngstown Police Department on Wednesday. Youngstown’s Fire Chief Barry Finley said in a news conference on Tuesday that firefighters saved many people and made sure the building was empty to make sure no one else got hurt.

JPMorgan Chase felt sad about the death of a coworker and promised to cooperate with the local authorities. “We feel for the families of the people who were hurt, as well as our own employees and their families. Our thoughts are also with anyone else who was affected by this sad event,” the company said in a statement.

The police and the Mahoning County Emergency Management Agency said there was an explosion caused by natural gas, but the fire chief later said it was too early to know for sure.

“We don’t know what made the explosion happen. ” Finley said on Tuesday that there was a big explosion and it caused a lot of damage to the bottom of the building. He said that you cannot live in any of the apartments in the building.

Seven hurt people were brought to Mercy Health Hospital in Youngstown. A person from the hospital said that someone is very sick.

The explosion rattled the center of Youngstown, a city with around 60,000 people. Debris like bricks and glass were scattered on the sidewalk.

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