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WorldMacron seeks approval for Ukraine to use Western weapons to attack Russia


Macron seeks approval for Ukraine to use Western weapons to attack Russia


Western countries should allow Ukraine to use the advanced weapons they are giving them to attack military bases in Russia, according to French President Emmanuel Macron. This puts pressure on his allies and shows a possible change in policy that could impact the war.

The issue of whether Ukraine should be allowed to use Western weapons to attack Russia has been a tricky issue since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

Many Western leaders are hesitant to take this action because they are afraid it might make Russian President Vladimir Putin angry. He has told them that getting involved could lead to a nuclear war.

However, Russia has been winning the war lately because their forces took advantage of Ukraine’s lack of soldiers and weapons due to a delay in US military aid and Western Europe’s slow delivery of military supplies.

Russian weapons, like missiles and bombs, have hit Ukrainian military bases and areas where people live, like towns and villages. They’ve even damaged the power grid. Kyiv is being put to the test in the war, and using long-range weapons could help them fight back and make the Kremlin upset.

Macron said that France believes Ukraine should be allowed to stop the Russian military from firing missiles.

“We can’t tell Ukraine that they can’t use the missiles we give them to defend themselves,” Macron said during his visit to Germany on Tuesday.

His comments came a day after the head of NATO asked members to let Ukraine use more Western weapons.

“At a NATO meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria on Monday, Stoltenberg said that the right to defend oneself includes attacking legitimate targets outside Ukraine. ”

In early May, Moscow saw UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron’s comment as a threat. He said that Ukraine could use British long-range weapons to defend against Russia.

This caused Russia to announce that it will do military exercises with nuclear weapons because of Macron’s comments about possibly sending troops to Ukraine. Russia told London that if they make this decision, Russia might attack British military bases and equipment in Ukraine or in other places.

The leaders are being careful with the words they use. Macron said that only the Russian bases that are used to launch missiles against Ukraine should be considered as acceptable targets, not any other Russian bases or civilian buildings.

The German leader, Olaf Scholz, talked with Macron but didn’t say much. He mentioned that Ukraine has the right to protect itself according to international law.

Scholz wants to make sure that NATO doesn’t end up fighting against Russia. Other leaders in the West are also worried about the situation getting worse little by little. They are concerned about the risks getting higher.

He is worried and many people in Washington feel the same way. Over the last two years, the US has slowly started giving Ukraine the support it asked for. This includes sending tanks and long-range missile systems, but only if they are not aimed at Russia.

“We are not changing our policy right now,” said John Kirby, a spokesperson for the US National Security Council, on Tuesday. “We do not support or allow the use of weapons from the US to attack Russia. ”

Leaders from the Western countries want to make Putin feel pressured because his soldiers have been attacking Ukraine’s defenses in the east and northeast.

This week, Belgium and Spain promised to give Ukraine about one billion euros (US$1. 1 billion) each in new military help. Sweden said on Wednesday that they will give 13 billion kronor (US$1. 23 billion) in aid. This is the biggest donation Sweden has given so far. It will have weapons to defend against air attacks, ammunition for big guns, and vehicles that are heavily protected.

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