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NewsFormer Bishop Herman College Student opens up about struggle with drug addiction


Former Bishop Herman College Student opens up about struggle with drug addiction

A former student of Bishop Herman College, Prince Aniawu, has bravely shared his harrowing journey from drug addiction to recovery. 

Speaking in a candid video shared by SikaOfficial on X, Aniawu detailed how he fell into the grip of substance abuse during his college years, shedding light on the societal pressures and personal struggles that led him down this destructive path.

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Aniawu’s narrative begins with his entrance into college, where he encountered a senior figure who introduced him to the world of drugs. 

Initially lured by promises of enhanced academic performance and increased sexual prowess, Aniawu found himself ensnared in a web of addiction that would wreak havoc on his life.

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“I am a grateful recovering addict of crack, cocaine, heroin, weed, nicotine, pills like Rapinol, tramadol, diaspora and what have you,” Aniawu revealed. “It all started back in senior high school, first year.”

Driven by a desire to excel academically and emulate the success of his senior mentor, Aniawu succumbed to the allure of drugs, believing they would unlock his potential and elevate his standing among his peers.

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However, as his addiction spiraled out of control, Aniawu found himself facing numerous challenges, including academic struggles, disciplinary issues, and strained relationships with family and friends. The drugs that initially promised euphoria and success instead plunged him into a cycle of despair and self-destruction.

“When I started doing these drugs, I realized that I started rebelling against school… I started hating classes, I started loving parties, just being immoral,” Aniawu recounted. “And so, I realized what he promised me wasn’t true.”

Following an indefinite suspension from school and rejection from his family, Aniawu found solace among fellow addicts in his community, further exacerbating his addiction and deepening his sense of isolation.

Despite facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, Aniawu’s story takes a hopeful turn as he bravely confronts his demons and embarks on the path to recovery. Through rehabilitation and unwavering determination, he has emerged from the grips of addiction, determined to share his story as a beacon of hope for others struggling with similar challenges.

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