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Students & ScholarshipsDo this and get multiple admissions with full funding in the US...


Do this and get multiple admissions with full funding in the US for 2023

1. Get the best of a refined draft an academic CV, SOP and LORs

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2. Get your Academic Transcript and merge it with your academic CV in one PDF document.

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3.Obtain four or five research areas that fit your course of study. Please take note that some of your research interests may span multiple departments. For instance, a graduate in chemistry, physics, or polymer has a research interest in material science.

Gender Studies and Diversity is a research area of Int’l relations, Public admin, Sociology, Pol Sci.

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4. Find universities with professors who have similar interest in your research field.

Example: Enter “Professors in Communication in US Universities” into the search bar on Google. 
Take note of these professors . You can repeat same on Twitter and LinkedIn.

5. Find universities that waive the GRE, TOEFL, and valuation by sifting through the universities.

6. Be on the look-out for application waiver codes, school fairs, and virtual open days.

7. Submit an application to as many universities as have professors who specialise in your field of study.

8. Keep an eye out for positions that have been advertised and submit a compelling Letter of Intent. 

A solid letter of intent is based on thorough research into the kind of work being done at the lab or workgroup where the advertisement is being placed.

Usually, there are hundreds of these offers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

9. Look out for Universities in the Cold Regions of the USA. They usually have less applicants and thus lesser competition for you.

10. Get your resume ready for GRA/GTA/GA offers. These funding positions are typically given to graduate students who demonstrate aptitude for research, teaching, or administrative responsibilities. 
They waive tuition fees and pay stipends of between 18,000 and 26,000 USD.

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