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World40 individuals killed overnight by Israeli airstrikes at two locations in central...


40 individuals killed overnight by Israeli airstrikes at two locations in central Gaza


The hospitals in central Gaza said that 40 people died in two Israeli attacks that happened close to each other last night.

Al Aqsa hospital got 29 bodies from one attack, including 9 children. Al Awda hospital got 11 bodies from the second attack.

The strikes happened around 1 in the morning. According to people who saw it, this happened at 2:45am on Tuesday. For people in the Eastern time zone, it was at 6pm and 7:45pm on Monday.

Rescue workers are still trying to find bodies under the rubble of a four-story building in Nuseirat. The building was destroyed in the first attack. Onlookers said that many people were seeking shelter in the building’s backyard.

A video on CNN showed people who were hurt and killed being taken to Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital. Another video showed the bodies of some children being taken out from the wreckage.

The video showed family members anxiously waiting to see if anyone will be found alive in the rubble. The workers there don’t have the right tools to take away the concrete.

Some of the people who were killed had just come from Rafah, as said by the people who were there.

One person named Ashraf Al Jalees told CNN at the place: “I promise that these are innocent people. They are all under the ground, even kids. ” There are seven girls in this place. “What did they do wrong. ”

He told me he put up a tent for his friend Hassan Obeid, who he said is not connected to Hamas or anyone else.

Al Jalees called for Obeid and told him that he stayed to sleep at the house, but it collapsed on everyone inside. He said there are over 50 people trapped, and they are all innocent civilians. One day, God will ask me if I am telling the truth.

Hamdan Karaja said to CNN that his children, girls and boys, are trapped under the collapsed building. “My wife too,”

Karaja said he had seven kids. He said they found his father’s body.

“We have more than 100 people who had to leave their homes, and some of them are in groups of 20 family members. ” They are all stuck under the debris. “We were attacked while we were sleeping, without any warning,” he said.

“We also have tents for people who have been forced to leave their homes in the yard. ” We have 10 people who died here, and 20 people who died there.

Rami Al Aida, who works for the Civil Defense in Central Gaza, said that it’s really hard for crews to do their job because they don’t have enough fuel and equipment. We want to find people who are still alive. We ask all international groups to give the Civil Defense the tools, bulldozers, and fuel they need.

Al Aida also believed that many people were still trapped under the collapsed building, just like others at the site. “There are more than four families stuck under the collapsed building, and other families are looking for a place to stay nearby. ” There are over 100 people.

A girl named Sama Alousha said they heard a loud noise around 1am.

“We all got scared and went to see what happened. ” I saw my friend’s house all broken down. We can’t save anyone. “I have five friends stuck under here. ”

One man, who did not give his name, said that he and his family had been moved to different places many times.

“We were forced to leave Shajaiya. ” We went to Khan Younis and then to Rafah, and from Rafah, we came here. My brother got a house here and lived there with his family.

All of a sudden, I got a call telling me that the place where my brother was staying got hit. There are no tools to get them back. They are a family of six people who are not involved in any fighting or war. “My brother, his wife, and four kids. ”

Then he said the names of his brother’s family, but no one answered.

A woman named Um Mahmoud was crying and she said to the reporters, “My brother came to the area from Rafah three days ago because he had to leave his home, and now we don’t know where he is. ” He and his wife and their five kids don’t have any relationships with others. He is a person who had to leave Rafah and is still looking for a place to live in Deir el Balah.

“She said his name was on the list to leave Gaza through the Rafah border, but something unexpected happened. ”

A man named Salah Abu Jarada said his brother also came from the Rafah area. “They were struck by three floors falling on them. ” “They still haven’t been saved. ”

Another attack happened at the UNRWA school in Nuseirat, about two hours after the first one, as reported by people who saw it happen.

Ismail Abu Ghosheh said, “Everything is destroyed, and seven people died. ”

Another man at the school, Najah Abu Daher, said that there is nowhere safe to go. They go with us everywhere we go. My son and three of my family members were all killed. They attacked us in the middle of the night, making children run and breaking glass.

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