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NewsYour husband and I were not friends – Nigel Gaisie to John...


Your husband and I were not friends – Nigel Gaisie to John Kumah’s wife


The founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has refuted allegations of friendship with the late Member of Parliament for Ejisu, John Ampontuah Kumah, during a Facebook live session on March 11, 2024.

Dismissing claims made by the widow of the deceased Deputy Minister for Finance, prophet Gaisie denied having a friendly relationship with John Kumah, asserting that Kumah was a son rather than a friend.

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Addressing Lilian, the widow, prophet Gaisie emphasized that he did not maintain friendships due to his busy schedule, clarifying that Kumah was considered a son to him.

“The point is that the late John Kumah was not my friend; he was a son. I don’t have friends; I am too busy I don’t even know how to keep friends. I am always indoors. So the late John Kumah, a very honourable man, he was not my friend.

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“So Lilian get it. You and your husband, you were my daughter, I poured oil on you. You have knelt before me and I have all the pictures, I have all the videos and if you dare say it is not true, I will just allow my media team to blow all these things on the internet,” he stated.

He warned Lilian against challenging his statement, citing photographic and video evidence of their interactions, including moments where she and her husband knelt before him.

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After John Kumah’s death on March 7, 2024, videos surfaced of a prophecy issued by prophet Gaisie in December 2023, where he predicted a bright future for a deputy minister of finance facing potential attacks.

While not explicitly naming Kumah, prophet Gaisie later claimed that the prophecy referred to him and acknowledged the impending tragedy.

However, Lilian Kumah accused prophet Gaisie of using privileged information obtained as a close friend in his prophecy, branding him a fraud and false prophet.

“I saw a Deputy Minister of Finance, if he can take care of himself, I see him at the highest height of government, but they want to attack him.

“If he can take care of himself, in the next years, God will help him and I saw him at the seat of government, but they have ganged, they have sat down, they want to crash him, a deputy minister of finance,” he stated without mentioning a name.

During the Facebook live session, prophet Gaisie defended the authenticity of his prophecy, recounting the deterioration of his relationship with the Kumahs over a political prophecy.

In the midst of the controversy, autopsy reports revealed multiple myeloma as the cause of the MP’s death at the age of 45.

According to Lilian, her late husband had been diagnosed with this terminal condition, a fact known to Gaisie since August 2023, when he claimed the prophecy originated.

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