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WorldWooden boat carrying 74 migrants discovered in Mediterranean Sea - Greece coast...


Wooden boat carrying 74 migrants discovered in Mediterranean Sea – Greece coast guard

Many migrants were found on a wooden boat in the Mediterranean Sea between Africa and Europe. They were taken to the Greek island of Crete by the coast guard of Greece.

Recently, more people have been coming to Crete from Libya. The government of Greece said they will give more money and hire more coast guard workers to deal with this.

On Sunday night, a boat with 74 people was found 25 nautical miles south of a small Greek island called Gavdos. The coast guard brought the 73 men and one woman to Crete on a patrol boat.

It wasn’t clear right away where or when the boat started or where the passengers were from. No one got hurt or sick. They were brought to a temporary place to stay.

Greece is a main way for people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia to come into the European Union when they are running away from fighting and not having enough money.

In the last few months, more migrants have been arriving on Gavdos, an island 27 nautical miles south of Crete, and the southern coast of Crete. The coast guard said that in many instances, they had traveled across the Mediterranean Sea from the eastern Libyan port of Tobruk. They had to give money to smuggling gangs, sometimes as much as $5,000 each.

The increase in visitors to Gavdos, a small island with only a few residents, has made it difficult for the authorities to manage.

The person in charge of migration in Greece, Dimitris Kairidis, went to Crete and Gavdos on Monday. He promised to give more money to the area and said the government would also send more coast guard workers there.

“We have the money and the resources,” Kairidis said. Crete and Gavdos will not be left by themselves. Gavdos is a very tiny island with only a few people living there.

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