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US to increase aid to Gaza as Vice President Harris of US hosts member of Israeli War Cabinet

The United States of America Vice President Kamala Harris met with a member of Israel’s wartime Cabinet on Monday. The member came to Washington against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s wishes. The Biden administration is working harder to send more humanitarian aid to war-torn Gaza.

White House officials said Benny Gantz, who is a rival of Netanyahu, asked for the meeting. The Democratic administration thought it was important for Harris to talk with Gantz, even though Netanyahu didn’t want it.

The United States President Joe Biden, Vice President Harris, and other top government officials are openly expressing their unhappiness about the growing number of deaths in Gaza and the suffering of innocent Palestinians as the war continues for almost five months.

“The president and I have been on the same page since the beginning,” Harris told reporters before meeting with Gantz. Israel can protect itself. Many innocent Palestinian people have been killed. We need to bring in more help and rescue the hostages. “That is still what we believe. ”

The White House said that Harris and Gantz talked about how important it is to free over 100 hostages in Gaza held by Hamas. Seven attacks on Israel. She also said the administration supports a short-term cease-fire to free hostages and give more help to people in Gaza.

Gantz thinks like Netanyahu on most things, but he is more willing to make deals on important issues, such as giving more help to people in need.

The meeting is happening after the United States. On Saturday, they dropped off food and supplies to help the people in Gaza. It was the first of many planned drops.

The situation shows that the relationship between the U.S and Israel is becoming more uncomfortable. Had to fly much-needed help over its close friend’s area to increase support for people in Gaza who really need it. The first airdrop happened shortly after more than 100 Palestinians were killed while trying to get food from an Israel-organized convoy.

The White House said yes to meeting with Gantz, even though someone from Netanyahu’s party said Gantz didn’t have the prime minister’s approval for the meeting in Washington. Netanyahu spoke sternly to Gantz about the visit, showing that there is a growing division within Israel’s wartime leaders.

“We have been talking to all the important people in charge of making decisions about the war, like Mr. Smith” “Gantz,” said John Kirby, a spokesman for the White House’s national security team. “We think this is a normal result of those talks. ” We won’t miss that chance.

Besides meeting with Harris, Gantz also met with White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan and National Security Council Middle East coordinator Brett McGurk. Gantz had a meeting with the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and he will also meet with Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday.

Before his White House meetings, Gantz told a reporter from Israel’s public broadcaster that there will be a frank discussion between two friendly and important countries.

Biden is staying at Camp David, a place near Washington, until Tuesday. He is getting ready to give the State of the Union speech later this week.

During the weekend, Harris strongly asked for a short break in fighting in Gaza. It would stop the fighting for at least six weeks, according to administration officials. She also told Israel to not stop aid from getting into the region. The White House has been pushing for that agreement for weeks.

A senior official from the Biden administration said that Israel has basically agreed to the deal. The White House has said that it’s up to Hamas to also agree to the deal.

Biden is under a lot of political pressure because many people are unhappy with how he’s dealing with the fighting between Israel and Hamas. It all started when militants from Hamas attacked, and a lot of people were killed or taken hostage.

In the Michigan presidential primary last week, over 100,000 Democratic voters chose “uncommitted” on their ballots. Biden still won the primary, but the “uncommitted” votes showed that many left-leaning voters are not happy with the president’s strong support for Israel, especially after their military actions in Gaza resulted in over 30,000 Palestinian deaths. The number of votes is worrying for Democrats in a state that Biden won by a small margin in 2020.

Gantz is considered a strong candidate for prime minister. He is seen as a moderate in politics. But he has not clearly said whether he supports the idea of Palestinians having their own country. Biden thinks it’s important for a peaceful resolution, but Netanyahu strongly disagrees.

It is also believed that when the intense fighting calms down, Gantz will quit the government, which could make early elections more likely.

Gantz joined Netanyahu’s war Cabinet with two other ministers in October. Authorities have found that he is easier to work with than Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

So far, there haven’t been many calls for elections because of the war. But experts believe that when Gantz leaves the government, it will show the Israeli people that the time for working together is over and the push to remove Netanyahu’s government can start.

Gantz wanted to make connections with the U. S, get more help for Israel and try to bring back Israeli hostages. The officials talked without giving their names because.

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