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WorldUS Housing Secretary Marcia Fudge announced her resignation in late March


US Housing Secretary Marcia Fudge announced her resignation in late March


Marcia Fudge, who is in charge of housing and cities, said she will leave her job on March 22nd with mixed feelings.

Marcia Fudge, who used to be the mayor of Warrensville Heights, Ohio, and later became a representative in Congress for Ohio, was the secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) when President Joe Biden took office. She is 71 years old.

“I have worked as a public servant for almost 50 years and my goal has always been to make life better for people in this country, especially those who are in the most need,” Fudge said in a statement. I have experience working in all levels of government. I have worked very hard to make sure that America keeps its promise of freedom and fairness for everyone.

Fudge didn’t say why she was quitting, but only that she wants to live as a regular person.

The White House said they are happy about Fudge‘s hard work to make more affordable housing and to protect the housing needs of vulnerable people in the country.

“From being a mayor to fighting for things in the U.S” “The House of Representatives, Marcia’s ideas and determination to create more ways for people to make money have been great for our country,” Biden said. “I appreciate everything she has done to improve the housing system for all Americans, and I hope she does well in her future endeavors. “

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