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WorldUK reiterates support for Ukraine on war's anniversary


UK reiterates support for Ukraine on war’s anniversary


UK leaders have once again promised to help Ukraine two years after Russia invaded them.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised to do whatever is necessary and dedicated nearly £250 million to make artillery shells.

King Charles said Ukrainian people are very strong and are facing a lot of difficult times.

It happens one day after the UK said they will punish Russia more.

Mr Sunak, who went to Kyiv recently to make a new security agreement and promise £2. 5bn of military help to Ukraine over the next year, said “we must stay strong and determined” on this “sad anniversary”.

“This is the time to show that we won’t let tyranny win, and to say that we will support Ukraine now and in the future,” he said.

“We are ready to do whatever we need to do, for as long as it takes, until they win. ”

The Defense Secretary, Grant Shapps, said that the UK government is really committed to supporting Ukraine.

He said Ukraine really needs ammunition right now, and Parliament is all in agreement on supporting Ukraine, even if they disagree on other issues.

Mr Shapps said bad things will happen if Western countries don’t help Ukraine. He also said the world won’t be safe unless we stop leaders like Putin.

The leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, said that President Vladimir Putin’s “being scared and cruel” will not win.

Leaders from countries like Canada, Italy, and Belgium, as well as the head of the EU Commission, went to Kyiv to show their support.

Previous leader of the UK, Boris Johnson, also joined them. Mr Johnson said that during his visit to Kyiv, he is confident that the Ukrainians will succeed in getting rid of Putin’s forces.

He said that Ukraine can only do it with the military, political, and economic help they need.

A new package was announced on Saturday. It includes £245m to replenish Kyiv’s artillery ammunition reserves. This is important for Ukraine’s resistance, as there have been shortages of ammunition recently.

Mr Sunak said Ukraine has pushed back the Russian invaders and recaptured half of the land that Putin took, despite facing difficult circumstances.

The Royal Air Force finished delivering anti-tank missiles, as they said they would.

The prime minister said something after the Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron told the United Nations to be careful and not give up.

He spoke at the UN in New York and said we need to understand the consequences of giving up.

Putin said there won’t be peace until Russia reaches its goals.

The leader of another country asked the US Congress to support giving more military help to Ukraine.

The US has given the most weapons and money to Ukraine during the fighting, says the Kiel Institute.

However, a bill that would provide nearly $60 billion in military support may not be approved by Congress because some Republicans in the House of Representatives are against it.

This week, the UK put in place new punishments for people and groups that are supporting Russia’s military. They also targeted six prison leaders after the death of a critic of Russian president Putin and his war in Ukraine.

Although, Sir Keir Starmer is aiming to become the Prime Minister after the upcoming general election this year. He said that the UK will help Kyiv, no matter who is leading the country.

“He said the strength of the Ukrainian people has impressed and touched the world. ”

“The UK and our friends will support them until they win. ”

On Saturday, the First Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf, said that Scotland strongly supports Ukraine. He will be joining other political and religious leaders at a service.

He said Ukrainians are fighting for freedom, fairness, and the right for European countries to live together in peace and safety.

The fighting in Ukraine has been at a deadlock for a while now, but it looks like Russia has made some progress lately.

Over the weekend, Ukrainian soldiers left the city of Avdiivka in the east. They had been fighting against a strong Russian attack for four months, even though there were not as many of them and they did not have as many weapons.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is going to talk to leaders from G7 on the computer. He wants countries like the US and UK to give Ukraine more weapons. If they don’t, Russia might feel more confident to do bad things.

More than 50 countries, including the UK, are asking Russia to stop fighting Ukraine and remove all of its military forces and weapons from Ukraine’s territory.

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