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WorldTrump and Biden to debate on television


Trump and Biden to debate on television


President Donald Trump have different opinions on many issues, including immigration, healthcare, and climate change. They both have strong beliefs and ideas about what is best for the country, but they often disagree on how to achieve those goals. Their differing opinions have led to intense debates and disagreements between their supporters and critics.

Despite their differences, both men have a strong influence on American politics and policy. President Donald Trump said yes to having two debates for the election. The first one will be on June 27 and hosted by CNN. The second one will be on September. ABC is hosting a big event where the first presidential debate will happen soon.

The Democrats quickly agreed on a schedule to meet after one of them said he won’t be joining the presidential debates in the fall that are organized by a nonpartisan commission. Biden’s team suggests that media companies should set up the debates with the Democratic and Republican candidates. The first debate would be in June and the second in September before people start voting. Trump posted on his Truth Social site that he is ready and willing to debate Biden at the times that were proposed.

A few hours later, Biden agreed to debate on CNN on June 27 after getting an invitation. He also challenged Donald to join him. Trump said on Truth Social that he will be there no matter when or where. He also said, “Let’s get ready to Rumble. ”

And then they decided to have another debate on ABC. Trump said on his new social media platform, Truth Social, that he was very honored to agree to the debates.

Biden said he also got the invitations and said yes to them. “Trump says he will find his own way to get there. ” I will also bring my airplane. “I want to keep it for four more years,” he wrote on X.

However, both sides seem to have some differences in how to set up the debates. This includes deciding on who will moderate and what rules to follow. These were the same issues that led to the creation of the Commission on Presidential Debates in 1987.

Biden’s team wanted to keep other candidates, like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., out of the debates. According to the debate commission’s rules, Kennedy or other third-party candidates can take part in the debate if they have enough support from states to get 270 Electoral Votes and if they have at least 15% support in some national polls.

CNN announced that the debate will take place in Atlanta and there will be no audience. They will announce the moderators and other details at a later time. The group said Kennedy could join if he met their rules about polling and being on the ballot, like everyone else.

Just this morning, Trump said he wants a big crowd of people to watch him.

“I think there should be more than two debates and they should be held in a very big place. Biden might be nervous around big crowds, but that’s just because he’s not used to them,” Trump said. “Just let me know the time, and I’ll come over. ”

Trump wants to have more debates and have them earlier. He thinks voters should be able to see the two men debate before early voting starts in September. He has said many times that he is willing to debate Biden anywhere and anytime, and even suggested they have the debate outside the courthouse where he is currently on trial. He has been teasing Biden by using an empty podium at his rallies.

Biden’s team is mad at the nonpartisan commission because they didn’t make Trump follow the rules in the 2020 debates. They’re talking to TV networks and some Republicans to find a way around the commission’s control of the debates.

Biden’s campaign leader, Jen O’Malley Dillon, wrote a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates. She said Biden’s campaign doesn’t like the dates for the fall debates because they come after some people have already started voting. Trump’s campaign also doesn’t like the dates. She also complained about the rule breaking and the commission’s decision to have the debates with a live audience.

“She said the debates should be for the American voters, not for entertaining a noisy crowd of supporters and donors. ” “Like the first televised debates in 1960, it’s better and saves money to have just the candidates and moderators in a TV studio, so the focus can be on what voters want. ”

Trump didn’t like the commission because of problems at his first debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016. He was also upset when a debate with Biden was canceled in 2020 because he got COVID-19. The Republican National Committee said they won’t work with the commission for the 2024 elections.

The commission didn’t answer a request for comment on Wednesday.

The Trump campaign said they don’t like when debates are scheduled after people start voting. They think voters should hear from the candidates before they vote.

O’Malley Dillon said there should be a debate between the two candidates who have the best chance of winning the election, and not waste time on candidates who have no chance of becoming President.

The Democrat said the two candidates could choose some dates. They also made a joke about Trump’s trial, saying he has free time on Wednesdays.

The president said he would debate Trump in an interview with Howard Stern on the radio last month. He told him, “I am, somewhere. ” I don’t know when it will happen. “But I’m willing to argue with him. ”

Biden said last week that he was getting ready to debate and told reporters to make the arrangements.

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