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LifestyleTips to consider when texting someone the first time


Tips to consider when texting someone the first time


When initiating a text conversation with someone new, it’s crucial to leave a positive impression.

Whether you’re networking professionally, engaging in online dating, or simply making a new friend, your initial communication sets the tone for future interactions.

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Consider the following tips and etiquette to ensure your first message paves the way for ongoing conversation.

Introduction Initiating a text conversation with a new acquaintance may seem intimidating. The key is to be clear, respectful, and captivating.

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Your aim is to pique interest and establish rapport without overwhelming the recipient.

Things to do when texting someone for the first time

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Start with a proper greeting

Personalize: Use their name if you know it. A personalized greeting helps make your message feel more tailored and less generic.

Be Polite: A simple “Hello [Name],” can go a long way in setting a friendly tone.

Introduce yourself

Context is Key: Remind them of who you are and where you met or how you got their number. For instance, “Hi [Name], this is [Your Name] from the conference last week.”

Keep it brief and clear

Conciseness: Your initial message should be brief but informative. Avoid overwhelming them with too much information or multiple questions in one text.

Have a clear purpose

State Your Intentions: Let them know why you’re reaching out. Are you asking for a favor, hoping to set up a meeting, or just wanting to chat? Clarity will help guide the conversation smoothly.

Use proper language and grammar

Professionalism: Even in informal settings, using proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar can make a good impression. Avoid slang and abbreviations until you understand their texting style.

Be mindful of timing

Considerate Timing: Don’t text too early in the morning or too late at night. Aim for appropriate times when they are likely to be free to respond.

End with a question or call to action

Engagement: Encourage a response by ending your message with a question related to your purpose or a simple call to action, like “Let me know what you think!”

Observe texting etiquette

Double texting: Avoid sending multiple messages if they haven’t replied to your first. Give them some time to respond.

Read receipts: Be aware that some people might feel pressured if they know you can see they’ve read your message. Keep the conversation relaxed.

Texting someone for the first time is about balance: being polite yet direct, and friendly yet respectful. By following these guidelines, you’ll be more likely to receive a positive response, and potentially build a fruitful connection.

The goal of your first message is to open a line of communication, so keep it welcoming and straightforward.

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