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WorldTaiwan parliament adopts measures deemed to favour China


Taiwan parliament adopts measures deemed to favour China


Taiwan’s government changed some rules to give more power to China and make the president less powerful. This made a lot of people unhappy, and they protested.

The opposition Nationalist Party and its friends want to make changes that would give the government more control over how money is spent, including defense spending. This is seen as a way to please China.

It’s not certain if the group of bills will become a law. The Executive Yuan is the part of the government that carries out laws. The leader of this part is the premier. They can decide to reject a law or give it to the president to make it an official law. The president has to do this within 10 days. If the government or president don’t follow the rules, the bills won’t become laws.

Many people came together outside the government building to show they are against the changes. The room where lawmakers meet was decorated with signs supporting the two different sides of the argument. People on the floor started yelling and pushing each other during their arguments.

The Nationalists, also called the KMT, support rejoining with China, which Taiwan separated from in 1949 during a civil war. They won the most seats in the legislature in January, and their candidate Lai Ching-te became president. The party wants Taiwan to be independent from China, and China does not like them.

Huang Hong-wei, a protester, said that we need to tell the lawmakers that we don’t like the laws they are making. We need to speak up now. Many people are protesting on the streets because they are upset that the legislators they trusted didn’t keep their promises.

DPP lawmakers said that KMT and Taiwan People’s Party members are hurting Taiwan’s democracy by giving the legislature more power over the government. They criticized the law for creating a secret system that the KMT has presented as changes.

“Ray Wan, a protester from Kaohsiung, said that there was no talk about the laws this time and the bills are not well-written. ” “Not talking about these unfinished laws will really hurt Taiwan. ”

The KMT is in charge of the legislature and its speaker and allies in the TPP were elected from party lists, so they don’t have to listen to any specific group of people.

For 40 years, Taiwan was ruled by strict military law under the Nationalists, who have lost three presidential elections in a row but still have control over local areas through strong connections with business and social groups. Pro-China business groups have gained a large part of Taiwan’s media market, while younger people use social media for news.

Every day, China sends planes and ships close to Taiwan in an effort to make them more likely to accept being united with China. They also want to make Taiwan’s defenses weaker, even though the US supports Taiwan’s defenses a lot, even though they don’t have official diplomatic relations.

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