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WorldSino-Russian relations reaffirmed as Moscow intensifies its onslaught in Ukraine


Sino-Russian relations reaffirmed as Moscow intensifies its onslaught in Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin said thank you to China’s leader Xi Jinping for their ideas on how to stop the war in Ukraine. Ukraine and its Western supporters don’t agree with China’s ideas because they think they mostly support Russia’s ideas.

During their meeting, Putin and Xi strengthened their strong partnership and criticized US military alliances in Asia and the Pacific region. They are working closely together as both countries face tensions with the West.

Putin is visiting a close friend for two days while his country’s forces are attacking northeastern Ukraine. This is the biggest attack on the border since they invaded in February. 24, 2022 n On the 24th of January, 2022.

China says it is neutral in the conflict, but it supports Russia’s view that the West provoked Russia to attack Ukraine. China also provides Russia with important parts for making weapons.

A statement from Putin and Xi said they both think the Ukrainian crisis needs to be solved by getting rid of the things that caused it.

Russia has stated that they started the war because they felt threatened by Ukraine and its supporters, and they also wanted to get rid of what they believe are Nazis in Ukraine.

The Kremlin keeps saying Ukraine’s leaders are connected to Nazis, even though the country has a democratically elected Jewish president who lost family in the Holocaust. Many Ukrainians want to make their country more democratic, reduce corruption, and get closer to the West. But the Kremlin still accuses them of being linked to Nazism.

It wasn’t clear if the statement meant China was supporting Russia’s claim about Nazi influence in Ukraine.

But the statement also said that both sides agreed it’s important to teach people the right way to understand history, and to protect monuments that remember the fight against fascism. They also strongly condemn anyone who tries to glorify or bring back Nazi beliefs or militarism. This is similar to Russia’s belief that Western countries don’t give enough credit to the Red Army for defeating Nazi Germany.

In 2023, China suggested a plan for peace. The plan asked for fighting to stop and for Russia and Ukraine to have discussions. However, Ukraine and the West did not accept the plan because it did not ask Russia to leave the parts of Ukraine that it has taken over.

The visit was mainly a symbol of the partnership between two countries that both have issues in their relationships with the US and Europe.

“Both sides want to show that they are not going to stop supporting each other, even with the pressure they are getting from the US,” said Hoo Tiang Boon, a professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore who studies Chinese foreign policy.

Both leaders said they want the war in Ukraine to stop, but they didn’t suggest any new ideas during their public speeches on Thursday afternoon.

“China wants Europe to be peaceful and stable again. We will help make this happen,” Xi said while standing next to Putin.

He said the same thing as China did last year when it proposed a plan to stop the war in Ukraine.

Putin said he will tell the Chinese leader all about what’s happening in Ukraine. He also said he’s thankful for the Chinese government’s help in trying to solve the situation. He mentioned that they will talk more about foreign policy when they meet again on Thursday.

After Russia attacked Ukraine last week, the war has become very serious. Ukraine’s military is running low on weapons and is waiting for the United States to send them more anti-aircraft missiles and artillery shells.

China and Russia released a statement together. They criticized the US foreign policy and the alliances that the US has made. They said these alliances show a mindset like the Cold War.

“Both sides are very worried about how AUKUS could affect the stability of the Asia-Pacific region,” according to the statement. AUKUS stands for Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

China and Russia say the US is putting medium-range missiles in Asia-Pacific during joint exercises with other countries. They said the US actions in Asia were “shifting the power balance” and “putting all countries in the region at risk. ”

The meeting on Thursday showed that they are still good friends and have a strong relationship. They made this agreement in 2022, before Russia attacked Ukraine.

After that, Russia started relying more on China for its economy because Western sanctions stopped it from trading with many other countries. China traded a lot with Russia last year, which helped them deal with some of the negative effects of sanctions.

Moscow is sending most of its energy to China and getting high-tech parts for its military from Chinese companies to avoid sanctions from the West.

“I and President Putin both think we should work together to find ways our countries can benefit from each other, and become more connected. We should appreciate each other’s successes. ”

During their meeting, Xi said congratulations to Putin for being elected as leader for the fifth time and they both celebrated the 75 years of friendship between Soviet Union and China. The friendship started after a war in 1949. Putin had no real competition in the election for president, and, like Xi, hasn’t said who might take over after him.

On the day before the visit, Putin mentioned in an interview.

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