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Entertainment"Politicians in Ghana are thieves" - Kwaw Kese


“Politicians in Ghana are thieves” – Kwaw Kese


Ghanaian rapper Kwaw Kese has stirred controversy by asserting that politicians in Ghana are thieves.

Known for his outspoken nature, he has invited politicians vying for his vote or campaign support to negotiate the price.

Despite the legal implications of vote buying under Ghana’s Criminal Code of 1960, Kwaw Kese is encouraging his fans to consider engaging in such acts.

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Section 240 of the code explicitly condemns corruption related to votes.

“A … voter is guilty of corruption in respect of … his vote, if he directly or indirectly agrees or offers his conduct as such … voter to be influenced by the gift, promise, or prospect of any valuable consideration to be received by such … voter … from any person whomsoever.”

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Speaking on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM’s Midmorning Show, Kwaw Kese voiced his frustration with political leaders, accusing them of consistently neglecting the needs of Ghanaians and failing to deliver on their promises.

He criticized their tendency to prioritize personal gain over public welfare, labeling them as thieves who misuse state funds.

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“Politicians in Ghana are thieves, “If you want me to vote for you so you can be elected and earn money, you must pay for it. Politicians embezzle a substantial amount when in power,” he said.

Kwaw Kese highlighted ongoing issues like inadequate infrastructure, poor education facilities, water shortages, and substandard roads, contrasting these with unfulfilled campaign pledges.

He argued that demanding payment for votes was justified given the pervasive corruption in politics, emphasizing the need for accountability and tangible benefits for voters.

“I endorse those who demand payment from politicians before casting their votes. Our roads are in deplorable condition, schools are still under trees, and the energy crisis is wreaking havoc on our lives. Either pay for the votes or don’t expect them.

“When you vote for someone, you are essentially offering them a job. But once they are paid, will they share a portion of their salary with you? You vote for someone, and that person gets to manage our billions while you remain hungry and financially struggling.

“Your votes profit them, and your votes create millionaires. People approach you to wash your clothes when an election is near, but once they are in power, they squander our money and ignore you. So, please sell your vote. If you can’t sell it, then don’t vote at all.”

The rapper’s stance has ignited a national debate on voter responsibility and the ethical implications of selling votes.

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