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NewsOkada rider nearly attacked by mob for knocking to death dog at...


Okada rider nearly attacked by mob for knocking to death dog at Nungua 

An Okada rider narrowly avoided a mob attack after inadvertently striking and killing a White man’s dog at the Nungua Coco Beach on Sunday morning (February 11, 2024).

The incident unfolded as a group of motorcyclists gathered at the beach, a customary practice for showcasing their riding abilities. In the midst of their activities, one rider, traveling at high speed, collided with one of three dogs present, resulting in the animal’s immediate demise.

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Despite the gravity of the situation, the rider managed to evade the anger of the bystanders who had congregated, speculating on the potential repercussions had the victim been a beach goer instead.

According to reports from EIB Network Journalist, Murtala Inusah, who was present at the scene, officers from the Nungua District Headquarters arrived to investigate the incident and retrieve the motorbike after the dog’s owner filed a report.

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Witnesses observed a woman, accompanying the distraught owner of the deceased dog, shedding tears uncontrollably as she mourned the loss of the pet. Eventually, the owner removed the dog’s body from the scene for burial.

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