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EntertainmentMy daughter will never believe in God - Mzbel


My daughter will never believe in God – Mzbel

Ghanaian media personality and entrepreneur Mzbel has said her daughter, Ohenmaa, will in no way whatsoever become a Christian. On her path, many people are currently stuck to their respective beliefs as a result of their socialisation.

She believes if many had the opportunity to choose what religion to believe in, they would have made different choices.

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Responding to a question on the possibility of her daughter becoming a Christian during an interview on Kingdom FM, she strongly contended that it will never happen as a result of the exposure she is giving her daughter.

“No miracle will happen for her to become a Christian. It will never happen”.

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“You believe in Christianity because you were born into it. Muslims, Christians, and others belong to the said religions because they were born into them . If they had been given the opportunity to choose, I’m sure most people would have made different choices,” she stated.

With the belief that Christianity is a religion that forces its dictates and principles on people, Mzbel believes that one of the biggest deterrents for her daughter in choosing Christianity over her African spirituality is how Christian doctrines and principles are forced on its believers.

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She said she forces none of her children to do anything, so they wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in a religion that would force them to do things.

“I don’t force anyone to do anything. But she would not make the decision to become a Christian because Christianity is a forced religion . A religion that forces its principles on people and I don’t force my children.

So they will also not want to subject themselves to any principles that force them to do things against their will.
We all know what is right,” she added.

Mzbel is confident that her daughter will not adopt Christianity due to the upbringing and knowledge she is providing her.

”I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a Christian but it will never happen because of the upbringing I’m giving her,” she said.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Mzbel disclosed that her son does not adhere to any religious beliefs; instead, he regards her as his guiding force.

She explained that when he requires something, he does not turn to prayer; rather, he approaches her directly to ask.

Mzbel further revealed her own scepticism about the existence of a divine being, stating that she does not pray to any god for her desires. However, she does visit her late mother’s altar to make requests, which she claims are answered.

Mzbel’s son, Okomfo Black, had previously expressed his unorthodox views on religion in an interview.

He challenged the concept of an Almighty God, asserting that every individual possesses inherent divinity and should not worship any supreme deity.

The 10-year-old’s remarks have caused a stir in a society where Christianity and Islam hold significant sway. Many conservative Ghanaians have criticised his stance, leading some parents of his schoolmates to ostracise him.

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