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Odd NewsMan buys 300 iPhones from Apple Store, gets robbed minutes later


Man buys 300 iPhones from Apple Store, gets robbed minutes later

A New York man who bought 300 iPhones from the Apple flagship store on Fifth Avenue was reportedly robbed just moments after walking out of the store.

In a world where basically anything can be ordered online, a man decided to buy 300 iPhones at a physical Apple store in Manhattan at 1:45 in the morning and walk out with a few branded “Apple” bags like it was no big deal. What could go wrong? Well, as you’ve probably already guessed by reading the title, the man got robbed while making his way back to the car, losing 125 smartphones worth approximately $95,000.

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According to a statement by the NYPD, the unnamed 27-year-old man was a regular at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, and regularly bought high volumes of iPhones which he then resold through his small business. Now, why he bought them in the middle of the night remains a mystery.

The police said that a man pulled up beside the man as he was walking with his three bags stuffed with iPhones, and two men got out to demand that he hand over his small fortune. The man refused, they tried to forcefully take the bags, he put up a fight, so they punched him in the face and manage to steal one of the bags.

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Because of his buying habits, police say that there is a possibility that the robbers had been monitoring him for some time, but the case is still under investigation and authorities have asked anyone with any information to come forward.

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue is open 24/7, and it reportedly had a Black Friday sale going on at the time, which the robbers may have been aware of.

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Moral of the story – don’t buy hundreds of iPhones from a physical store and simply walk out with them in the middle of the night like crime doesn’t exist. Some people sell their kidneys for an iPhone, imagine what they’re capable of for hundreds of them.

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