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FeaturesKennedy Agyapong: Hatred and lies will boomerang right back into your face


Kennedy Agyapong: Hatred and lies will boomerang right back into your face


Lies and fabrications are like the poison potion of the witch that eventually dies forgetting that tasting the mix will have a similar effect on her as the person intended to kill.

By spewing all forms of defamatory statements and spreading falsehood against the NPP, a party you claim to want to lead, ostensibly to scorn the masses and embezzle what you seem to be embezzling now and stashing overseas, you are indirectly indicting yourself.

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After all, your claims that the government is stealing and stashing money in foreign lands include you because you are everywhere looking for contracts and getting them, too. Enobe so!

Then you have no shame telling the fattest lie of the century that Bawumia had approached you with an offer to partner him as a running mate (vice president). I mean, what at all do you think of Dr. Bawumia? Tweaa, who would want to partner with a loudmouth egoist whose toxic effusions stink worse than nuclear waste? Nyame ho wo mɔbɔ, wate!

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When you are blinded by hate, you tend not to see beyond the bridge of your awkward nose. Even the traders and all well-meaning people in Ashanti and elsewhere are snarling at you for the nonsense that has characterised your campaign. Now, I want to ask you a question, O Kennedy! Where are the factories and businesses that you claim employ over seven thousand Ghanaians? Is it not only the media facility and the factory that I am told you set up in your hometown that is defunct as of now?

Tell us because we are eager to thank you for employing so many people! Another question is relevant to your contracts: “Where did you stash the money you reaped from those? Unless you want to say that you did not get any job! Oh, poor you, maybe we ought to shove a pacifier in your mouth like the spoilt baby that continues to cry and poop, always wanting attention to clean its bottom and sweeten its mouth.

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keyrε sε wo ne Alan Kyerematen mo yε pε! The only difference between you two, being both liars, is that you up the scale of your shenanigans by crying foul in a roguish and aggressive way while the afafranto Alan does it in an unwise and cowardly manner!

Let me tell you, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is an ace and master tactician. He has managed to arrest the deteriorating situation that was brought on by foreign reasons, and in all, at least has devised strategies to turn the economic fortunes of our country around under the able leadership of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

In politics, he has been trained well by the seasoned politicians around him. If you are around people like the President, Hon Chief of Staff, and former President J. A. Kufuor, you will learn more than enough to run this country for a whole millennium, but as for you, Kennedy, your loud uncouth manners destroy whatever lessons you learn from sensible politicians because you always exhibit senseless insensitivity to anyone who opposes your views.

Dr. Bawumia is a much more seasoned politician, much defter economist, much more diplomatic, and much more of a unifier than you can ever be, hence his refusal to descend into the gutter with you. Besides, he is also immeasurably more handsome than you! At least his demeanour, professionalism, polished tactics, and good looks will bring more benefit to Ghana than your angry face and roguish ways.

keyrε sε, the angry birds game seems to have been inspired by your repulsive penchant to poop where you eat! I used to love you for being an NPP, but now I dislike you for fighting your innocent own. Not until you sober down and fight a clean battle for the flagbearership of the NPP without losing your shame I will continue to criticize you. Ah, we have a President, who has done all that’s in his power to manage Ghana better than any other President has in our history.

Who has ever shown Ghanaians more empathy and love than Nana Addo especially when we were hit by COVID-19: the free light and free water? You were a beneficiary of his magnanimity, yet you shamelessly adopt an inimical stand against him, his Vice, and others all in the name of garnering votes for the upcoming November 4 NPP presidential primaries, oblivious to the fact that you created more enemies than admirers. The goodwill that you had hitherto enjoyed with delegates and grassroots has diminished like the overly shrunk scrotum you carry between your legs.

Ampa sε hyuwa yε mɔbɔ

Chai, what a shame!

Source: Fadi Dabbousi

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