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LifestyleKenkey price Analysis: Kenkey at Dzorwulu, Spintex most expensive, Osu, La remain...


Kenkey price Analysis: Kenkey at Dzorwulu, Spintex most expensive, Osu, La remain affordable

A recent survey conducted on Kenkey prices has sparked discussions across Accra regarding the varying costs of this beloved Ghanaian dish.

The findings, known as the Kenkey Index, have revealed notable price differentials across different areas of the city, prompting speculation about the factors driving these variations.

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According to the Kenkey Index, areas such as Spintex, Dzorwulu, Circle, Dome, Ofankor, Achimota, Lapaz, and North Kaneshie consistently rank as the most expensive locations for purchasing Kenkey.

Kobina Aidoo, the creator of the Kenkey Index, discussed these findings during an interview with Accra-based Citi TV host Bernard Avle.

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Aidoo expressed curiosity about the underlying factors contributing to the high Kenkey prices in Dzorwulu and other identified areas, suggesting that immigrant communities might play a role in shaping these economic dynamics.

He highlighted the diversity in Kenkey affordability, noting that coastal areas tend to offer more affordable options.

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Locations such as Haatso, Madina, Sakumono, Nungua, Cantonments, Labone, Odorkor, Awoshie, and Weija were identified as places where Kenkey is available at relatively reasonable prices.

Overall, the Kenkey Price Index sheds light on the economic landscape surrounding this traditional Ghanaian dish, providing valuable insights into the affordability and accessibility of Kenkey across different regions of Accra.

Expensive Kenkey Selling Places: Circle, Makola, Ofankor, Dome, Achimota, Dzorwulu, Tesano, and North Kaneshie.

Not-so-expensive Places to Get Kenkey: Haatso, Madina, Sakumono, Nungua, Cantonments, Labone, Odorkor, Awoshie, and Weija.

Cheaper Places to Buy Kenkey: Osu, La, Mamprobi, Laterbiokorshie, Ablekuma, Kaneshie, Ablekuma, and Teshie.

Kenkey, a traditional Ga dish typically served with black or red pepper, fish, sardines, canned beef, shrimp, referred to as ‘komi’ or ‘dokono’ in Fante, remains a cherished staple in the culinary culture of Ghana. Its popularity extends across economic divides within the Accra Metropolis, showcasing its enduring significance in Ghanaian cuisine.

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