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FeaturesJoyce Bawah Mogtari writes on Cecilia Dapaah's case


Joyce Bawah Mogtari writes on Cecilia Dapaah’s case

We have been stating for years that John Mahama has been a victim of extreme prejudice and political propaganda led sadly by a man whose sole aim was to become president at all costs.

This he could only achieve by destroying his predecessor, a good man, a very patriotic Ghanaian, Nana Akufo-Addo, in the past touted as his friend and a good colleague on the other side of the political divide in parliament.

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Recall the Ford vehicle issue and the accusations of corruption against Mr Mahama by the NPP. Let me also mention the bus branding ‘scandal’, which again led to serious accusations, mass mobilisation and condemnation by the NPP and then-candidate Akufo-Addo.

These are two significant examples of how corruption and graft were used as political leverage to justify the claim that the NDC and its leadership were incompetent and incapable of managing the country’s affairs.

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It is worth noting that today, Akufo Addo and Bawumia are in power, but they have yet to be able to prove any of these claims. From the actions and omissions of their government, it is obvious to Ghanaians that they are corrupt and comfortable associating with corruption.

The level of dishonesty and disregard for the Ghanaian people by this NPP Government is unprecedented and gravely unimaginable.

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This president promised to put his presidency on the line to end galamsey at a time when it was axiomatic that they were and are heavily involved in it. This is manifestly evident in Frimpong Boateng’s report, bearing in mind that the president himself commissioned this work.

How the former Minister has since been treated in the aftermath of the leaked report is now a matter of public record and needs no reiteration.

That galamsey is perpetrated by members of the president’s team and government is confirmed, and it has been established that some NPP members have been using expensive mining equipment without authorisation, raping the state of its natural resources, and destroying our water bodies; whilst Akufo Addo looks on unconcerned.

You may recall the regrettable will of the late Sir John, who left forest concessions, properties, and state lands to his family upon his passing. What is the current status of this matter? Why has the President yet to take action? We are eagerly waiting for the President’s response. Galamsey is still ongoing, causing damage to our water bodies.

Let me also remind you of the recent scandal involving Cecelia Dapaah. This case has only reinforced the accusations of corruption against President Akufo-Addo.

As every Ghanaian predicted, the case has ended. A court ruling has ordered that all the hard currency and amounts in the bank be returned to Cecilia Dapaah.

This decision is a travesty that we are all struggling to understand. The amount of money involved pales in comparison to any alleged corruption claims or allegations under President Mahama.

The OSP has ultimately truncated one of the biggest scandals of all time and an irrefutable opportunity for this Government to prove itself as one willing and able to deal with corruption.

The inability or the desire to fight corruption vehemently has conferred on Akufo-Addo the title of a clearing agent. As he predicted, his ‘dear’ Cecilia Dapaah has been cleared, and what little integrity she has left will be for history to judge.

Mr Mahama was tough enough on corruption, and many instances confirm this. All the allegations of corruption during his first term were actuated by malice and by a trumpeted campaign carefully hatched by the NPP, particularly Akufo Addo and Bawumia, to taint and tarnish the unblemished character of President Mahama.

Ghanaians should be outraged at the mismanagement of the country and join the fight for change to rescue the nation from a failed government.

The writer, Joyce Bawah Mogtari is a Private Legal Practitioner and Special Aide to former President John D. Mahama

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