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It is not unlawful to engage in plea bargaining – Sophia Akuffo tells AG on Ambulance case


Former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo has strongly defended plea bargaining in response to Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame’s accusations against Richard Jakpa.

Her Ladyship emphasized that plea bargaining is a legitimate tool in the prosecution of criminal cases.

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Justice Sophia Akuffo explained that plea bargaining can be applied in any criminal case unless there are specific laws prohibiting it.

She highlighted that plea bargaining can even be used in murder cases, underscoring its broad applicability in the criminal justice system.

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Her comments come after Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame released plea bargain letters from Richard Jakpa, the third accused in the ongoing ambulance purchase case. Jakpa had alleged in court that the Attorney General tried to coerce him into falsely incriminating the first accused.

However, the Attorney General countered Jakpa’s claims by revealing that Jakpa had actually sought plea bargains through multiple letters to drop all charges against him and the other accused.

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Justice Sophia Akuffo’s remarks serve as a staunch defense of the plea bargaining process, highlighting its importance and legality in criminal prosecutions.

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