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WorldIran detains 260 individuals for promoting "satanism and nudity''


Iran detains 260 individuals for promoting “satanism and nudity”


The Iranian police has arrested over 260 individuals, including three Europeans, for allegedly spreading satanism, as reported by the state-run IRNA news agency on Friday.

The report mentioned that the suspects were caught on Thursday night in Shahryar County, west of Tehran, for promoting satanism and nudity. It did not give any more details.

It’s not clear how so many people were arrested in one night. We don’t know if the suspects were all together in one place like a party, or something else.

In Iran, it is against the law to see men and women who are not related together, and it is considered a sin under Islamic law.

IRNA’s report said that 146 men and 115 women were arrested, along with three people from Europe. It did not say which European countries they were from. IRNA reported that the suspects were caught in a bad and inappropriate situation with satanic symbols on their clothes and bodies.

Symbols like these are often seen in piercings, earrings, or tattoos, but they are not allowed in Iran. The report said the police took drugs and alcohol from the people they arrested.

Sometimes, the government in Iran arrests people who go to parties with both men and women and if they are caught drinking alcohol.

It is against the law for Muslims to drink alcohol, and men and women who are not related cannot mix or dance together in public.

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