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I love my wife, but I cheated on her and now I have HIV – Man cries out for help


A married man has expressed deep regret after engaging in infidelity with a national service personnel while his wife was away.

The man shared that he was enticed by the constant care shown by the young lady, ultimately leading to their intimate encounter.

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Unfortunately, he not only succumbed to temptation but also contracted the HIV virus as a consequence.

With his wife currently out of the country, he is at a loss on how to disclose the news to her.

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Filled with remorse, the married man seeks advice on how to navigate this distressing situation.

Narrating details of the story, The Late Night Chat Show host on Hitz 103.9 FM, Tima Kumkum read this out…

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“I have been married for 4 years and my marriage has been an amazing one. We tried to have kids in the first few years but it wasn’t coming. We went through checkups and everything showed we were ok. So we just left our faith in God’s hands and trusted that he would give us in his own time. To our surprise, God bless us just last year November with a bouncy baby boy. My wife’s parent are in the state so she opted to go and give birth there. Due to that she took a long live and travelled around July las year as our baby was due in November. Tima, ever since we married, I haven’t looked at any other woman apart from my wife. I have made a conscious effort to stay faithful to her because my wife is just a good woman. We both work but I have never bought groceries for the house before.”

“She would always buy groceries from the USA and make her mum ship to us as her contribution to our home and even bills Tima, she makes us split 50/50. There is a national service personal at my workplace who will always come to my workplace and ask me if I have eaten. I mean she started showing so much concern just when my wife left the country and I also played along. Tima before I knew it, we were so much into each other and since my wife wasn’t around, I started going out on dates and having date nights with her and one day I went to visit her at her place. Before I could say jack, we had done the thing. Tima I felt so bad. That was around August last year.”

“Now it became as if were now serious but I told her there is no way I could marry her and she said she knows am married but she is in for the fun. So I did succumb and we had sex almost everyday except when she was maturating. Tima I became addicted to her because she could bring the craziness in me. Fast-forward,, just few days ago, I started feeling uneasy, and I saw some unusual rash on my arms so I took it to the hospital and some test was run. Only for the doctor to tell me I am HIV positive. Tima as I am sitting here, the only person I have slept with ever since my wife traveled is this national service lady.”

“Now my wife is returning with our baby next week. How do I break such a news to her. As for the lady I am sure if I lay my eyes on her, I might end up in jail because she has caused me my life. Tima I cannot give this virus to my very good wife. I have regretted every action. I should have just stayed faithful to my wife. I am a church leader and a very respected youth leader. Now how will people see me should the news break. The doctor advised me to inform my wife so she can take precautions.”

“But if I do tell her, I don’t know how she is gonna take it. I love my wife. I don’t wanna loose my marriage. Please what do I do? “

Watch the video below as narrated by Tima Kumkum:

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