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BusinessGRA provides further insight into absolute import prohibitions safeguarding Ghana's borders


GRA provides further insight into absolute import prohibitions safeguarding Ghana’s borders


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has offered further elucidation on the concept of absolute import prohibitions, underscoring their significance in upholding the nation’s security.

These prohibitions pertain to goods considered illicit according to international trade norms and are outrightly barred from entering Ghana due to diverse risks, including potential breaches of international trade regulations, disease dissemination, and environmental degradation.

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Absolute import prohibitions play a pivotal role in fortifying Ghana’s borders and ensuring the welfare and safety of its populace.

The GRA emphasized that these goods not only flout the law but also present substantial hazards if permitted into the country.

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The GRA issued this clarification on X, formerly Twitter, with the intent of enlightening the public on the perils associated with Absolute Import Prohibition.

In addition to absolute prohibitions, certain goods necessitate specific licenses, certificates, and other forms of authorization before they can be imported.

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These regulatory measures are implemented to ensure that such goods adhere to all statutory mandates and are suitable for entry into the Ghanaian marketplace.

The GRA’s comprehensive explanation aims to edify importers and the general populace about the significance of these regulations and the imperative for stringent adherence to safeguard both domestic and international interests.

This development follows the importation of counterfeit diapers, prompting intervention by the Food and Drugs Authority.

Below is the table of prohibited items

Tariff No. Commodity Description Remarks

6A. 1 Animals and carcasses infected with disease:

Animals or carcasses infected with disease within the meaning of the Disease of Animals Act, 1961 (Act 83) or any part of such animals or carcasses.

6A.2 Beads of inflammable celluloid:

Beads composed of inflammable celluloid or other similar substances.

6A.3 Coffee, raw, imported overland:

Raw coffee imported overland or by inland waterways.

6A.4 Coin not up to standard:

Coin currency in any foreign country or any money purported to be such, not being of the established standard in weight and fineness. Currency Act, 1964 (Act 242)

6A.5 Food, contaminated:

Meat, vegetables, and other provisions. Declared by a Health Officer as unfit for human consumption

PNDCL 305B/F.D.B. L Act 523, 1996.

6A.6 Knuckle dusters and life preservers.

6A.7 Literature, scandalous:

Books, newspapers and printed matter which in the opinion of the Commissioner – General (subject to any directions of the president of Ghana) are defamatory, scandalous, or demoralizing.

6A.8 Money, base or counterfeit:

Base or counterfeit coin or counterfeit notes of any country. Currency Act, 1964 (Act 242)

6A.9 Obscene articles:

Indecent or obscene prints, paintings, photographs, books, cards, lithographic or other engraving or any other indecent or obscene article.

6A.10 Weapons, dangerous:

Knives such as flick knives and paper knives which in the opinion of the Inspector – General of Police are considered to be dangerous weapons.

6A.11 Goods prohibited by any law:

All other goods, the importation of which is prohibited by any law in Ghana.i

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