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BusinessGovernment's GHS2.5 billion in capital sets CBG up to spearhead SME funding...


Government’s GHS2.5 billion in capital sets CBG up to spearhead SME funding – MD


Daniel Wilson Addo, who is in charge of Consolidated Bank Ghana Ltd, said that the GHS2. 5 billion they got from the government is making the Bank stronger. This will help the economy and also help more small and medium-sized businesses to grow.

He said that soon CBG will invest more in technology, help small businesses more, focus even more on customer service, and make operations more efficient.

“Our main goal is to become a top leader in providing financing for small and medium-sized businesses, and to create a strong and stable company. ”

Mr Addo talked to the media and editors in Accra on Tuesday.

“He said that the Ministry of Finance gave the Bank GHS2. 5 billion to help it grow and become more stable. ”

Mr Addo said CBG is in a great position to keep growing and to keep helping the economy.

He said the Bank had given GHS1. 6 billion in loans to over 5,600 businesses using new programs like the ‘CBG SME Adesua Series’ and making it easier to get loans quickly.

The Bank won awards for its work with small and medium-sized businesses, including the ‘Euromoney Award for SME Market Leadership in 2022 and 2023.

“In the Corporate and Institutional Banking part, CBG has been involved in lending a total of GHS2. 35They were the main arranger or advised on the transactions. This has helped important areas like energy, tourism, and agriculture,” Mr Addo explained.

CBG said they are working to help farmers more by working together with Ghana Incentive-Based Risk-Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (GIRSAL) and Development Bank Ghana (DBG).

He said they are trying to improve agriculture in Ghana, and CBG, GIRSAL and DBG are working together to do that.

“Over the next three years, our main focus is to become stronger and more efficient. We want to have plans in place to handle problems, be able to bounce back when things get rough, and have the best equipment and happy employees. ”

Mr Addo talked about how the Bank has done well over the last five years, even though it faced some tough times. He said the Bank was able to do this by gaining people’s trust, making sure customers had a good experience, and providing other important things.

“We began in a tough situation because the banks we took over were in bad shape. People didn’t trust us at first. But we worked hard to fix the problems and put everything back on track,” he said.

The company’s total assets grew from GHS6. 9bn in 2019 to GHS13. 2bn in December 2023. Customer deposits also increased from GHS5. 1bn in 2019 to GHS10. 4bn in December 2023, according to the Managing Director.

“Even though we faced difficulties like the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme, high inflation, and exchange rate changes in 2023, we were still able to increase our deposits by GHS2. 6bn compared to last year. This shows that our business is strong and able to withstand challenges. ”

Mr Addo said that the bank gave 1 million GHS to help with COVID-19 and also built buildings for schools and hospitals in different parts of the country as part of their social responsibility.

It is helping women-run businesses, young entrepreneurs, and projects for protecting the environment.

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