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WorldChina's military displays robot dogs that can carry rifles


China’s military displays robot dogs that can carry rifles


Short video shows a robot dog doing different movements like walking, hopping, lying down, and moving backwards during t China’s-Cambodia “Golden Dragon 2024” exercise and controlled by a remote operator.

Using robot dogs and small aerial drones in the military is not new. A video from last year showed China’s rifle-armed electronic dogs in a joint training with the militaries of China, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It happened in China in November.

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It seems like something from the TV show “Black Mirror,” but it’s actually just the newest way of using robots in war.

In recent military exercises with Cambodia, China’s military demonstrated a robot dog with a gun on its back, making it a dangerous weapon.

“A soldier named Chen Wei says in a video from state broadcaster CCTV that it can be used instead of people in urban combat to find the enemy and attack them. ”

The short video shows a robot dog doing different movements like walking, hopping, lying down, and moving backwards. It was made during the China-Cambodia “Golden Dragon 2024” exercise and controlled by a remote operator.

In one practice, a robot with a rifle leads a group of soldiers into a pretend building.

The second half of the video also shows a gun attached to a drone with six rotor blades. This demonstrates the different types of smart machines that China has.

In 2020, the US Air Force showed how they used robot dogs as part of their Advanced Battle Management System. This system uses computer intelligence and fast data analysis to find and stop threats to US military things.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, drones have become very common in battles. They can be used on land, in the sea, and in the air. These drones are cheap and can be controlled from far away. They can destroy strong military vehicles like tanks and warships.

Drones used in Ukraine have shown that they can help smaller armies with less money to fight against much stronger enemies.

China is one of the top countries that sell drones to other places. But last year, the government put some rules on selling drone technology. They said it was to keep the country safe and protect its interests.

However, the robot dogs are receiving a lot of attention for the People’s Liberation Army.

And the dogs have been appearing on China’s closely controlled social media for at least a year.

The state-run Global Times says that using robotic dogs during military exercises with foreign countries shows that the technology is very advanced.

The robot dogs must be really advanced because new equipment isn’t usually used in joint exercises with other countries. An expert said this to Global Times but didn’t give their name.

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