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Biden and Trump to face off in primaries in Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Rhode Island

On Tuesday, people in four states voted for who they want to be their party’s presidential nominee. This vote doesn’t have much of an effect now that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the official candidate for the Democratic and Republican parties.

Biden and Trump won the primary elections in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin. This will help them get more delegates for their party conventions in the summer.

Their wins, though expected, give hints about how excited base voters are for the upcoming 2020 election. This has not excited most Americans. Some people are telling Democrats not to vote for Biden because they don’t like how he dealt with the war between Israel and Hamas. Also, some Republicans who don’t like Trump are voting for other candidates who are no longer in the race.

“Uncommitted” in Rhode Island and Connecticut was getting about the same number of Democratic votes as protest campaigns in Minnesota and Michigan, which got 19% and 13% of the votes.

Specifically, the results in Wisconsin, an important state for the November election, will show how many Republicans are not supporting Trump and how many Democrats are not happy with Biden. Trump went to Wisconsin and Michigan to talk to people before the election.

Scott Lindemann, a 62-year-old contractor in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who voted for Donald Trump in the GOP primary, said that Trump is the first person he can remember who actually tried to keep all of the promises that he made during the campaign. “I really liked that a lot. ”

In New York, a 70-year-old man named Steve Wheatley, who is a registered Republican, said he wants to have more options when choosing a candidate. He voted for Nikki Haley even though he didn’t think she could win because there weren’t many other choices.

Wheatley, who lives in a small town called Athens, in the Hudson Valley, said that we should have younger people with new ideas running for president. “I want a Democrat to win, but there aren’t many options. ” Check out what Biden has accomplished with the economy.

Theresa Laabs, a 55-year-old cashier in Kenosha, said her family is feeling the pressure from higher food and gasoline prices, but she voted for Biden in the Democratic primary because she thinks he is trying to help with the rising cost of living.

“I know the economy is tough right now, and I hope that Joe will continue to work even harder in the next four years to lower costs and make life easier for working families,” Laabs commented.

Trump and Biden started focusing on the main election a few weeks ago when Haley left the GOP competition. Biden went to all the important places where it’s hard to win in the election last month after his big speech.

Biden and the Democratic Party have raised more money than Trump and the Republican Party. Biden raised US$26 million at a big event in New York with famous people from entertainment and former Democratic presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. It was the most money raised at one event.

Trump wants to have a big fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida, this weekend to raise $33 million and show he is better than his rival.

With the presidential candidates chosen for their parties, not many people in Rhode Island have voted. Only four percent of eligible voters had voted by 5 pm, including in-person and mail-in votes.

Voting started early in Connecticut for the first time ever and it was slow at the border. Stephanie Thomas, the Secretary of the State, said that only a few people, about one to two percent, had voted in some areas by 11 am. In Stamford, which is one of the bigger cities in the state, four percent of people had voted by that time. “She said that people have been telling us that this primary election is not competitive. “

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