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LifestyleBenefits of having sex with lights on


Benefits of having sex with lights on

Do you turn off the lights or at least dim them as soon as you get into bed with your partner? Lots of people do this.

Sex with the lights on is not as often practiced as frolicking in the dark. At least statistics show that men prefer the first option, while women choose less light and more climate.

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Whatever the reason, it’s worth breaking the routine, and making love more often when it’s bright in the bedroom has many advantages that we often underestimate.

Sex, during which everything is visible, has many advantages. It is worth practicing for many reasons.

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Better communication

When the light remains on during sex, it is easier to read and understand your partner’s reactions. The full view will tell the truth and show you what you like and what you don’t necessarily like. Facial expressions and body reactions reveal more than words. This, in turn, allows for better communication and greater satisfaction from sex.

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Increasing closeness

Here’s another advantage of making love in a bright room. Seeing your partner engage in a sexual act gives you a greater sense of physical closeness and emotional connection. You can look deeply into each other’s eyes, which gives you a sense of security and strengthens the relationship.

Feeling satisfied

In the dark, it is difficult to observe the achievement of pleasure. Sex with the lights on is arousing because it allows you to notice nuances such as a grimace on your face, goosebumps, or pulsating arteries in your neck. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your partner orgasm.

Less risk of injury

Various statistics and surveys show that most sexually active people have suffered one or more injuries during intercourse. Falling out of bed, and hitting your hand or head on the headboard is not uncommon. With the light on, there is less chance that someone will hurt themselves during bed acrobatics. It’s simpler here – seeing everything around you makes it easier to avoid possible injury.

Greater self-confidence

Even though turning on the light exposes your body, it doesn’t have to be embarrassing. For many people, sex with the lights on allows them to feel comfortable and attractive, without maintaining unnecessary appearances and pretenses. This, in turn, can increase your self-confidence in the bedroom.

Better body knowledge

A detailed view of the body allows it to be observed and examined. You can find out which techniques give the greatest pleasure or how the body reacts to a given caress.

Feeling comfortable

Turning on the light while zooming in can be comfortable because you can see what’s going on around you. This increases control over the situation and gives a sense of security.

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