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LifestyleAnnoying practices by kenkey sellers in Ghana


Annoying practices by kenkey sellers in Ghana

Kenkey holds a special place in our hearts, akin to a national treasure. However, the joy of purchasing our beloved kenkey is sometimes accompanied by a few hassles.

Despite our deep appreciation for the hard work of kenkey sellers, certain moments tend to slightly dampen the experience. Let’s explore five common annoyances that every Ghanaian can relate to when buying kenkey.

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Being Rude for Skipping Fish: Not opting for fish with your kenkey can result in an unwelcome change in the seller’s attitude. The decision not to buy fish seems to be treated as if you’ve committed an unforgivable crime.

Consistent Pepper Portions: Regardless of whether you buy one kenkey or ten, the quantity of pepper you receive remains constant. The logic behind this steadfast pepper portioning is puzzling, as buying more kenkey does not translate to getting more pepper.

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Different Prices, Similar Sizes of Fish: Fish at the kenkey stand come with various price tags, suggesting differences in size. However, upon closer inspection, these fish often appear remarkably similar in size, leaving customers perplexed by this seeming magic trick on their wallets.

Always Having an Attitude: Interacting with some kenkey sellers can feel like navigating an emotional minefield. Their moods can swing wildly, turning the act of purchasing kenkey into an unpredictable venture where it’s unclear whether you’ll be greeted with a smile or a scowl.

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Overcooking Fish to Extremes: Kenkey sellers often fry leftover fish for the next day, but sometimes, the fish can be fried to the point of becoming rock-hard, resembling chips rather than a chewable delicacy.

    Despite these trials, the love for kenkey remains unshaken. So, the next time you encounter these kenkey-buying quirks, remember to savor not just the dish but the story that comes with it. After all, it’s these little moments that flavor our daily lives with humor and resilience.

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