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Odd NewsAngler reels in 67.4-pound goldfish in France


Angler reels in 67.4-pound goldfish in France

A British angler who cast his line at a carp fishery in France had his photos go viral after he reeled in a monster 67.4-pound goldfish.

Bluewater Lakes, a carp fishery in Champagne, posted photos to Facebook showing Andy Hackett, 42, posing with his prize catch, a massive goldfish known locally as “The Carrot.”

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The fishery said the goldfish was put into the lake 15 years ago to give anglers something interesting to catch, but it wasn’t until last year that the fish was noted to have grown to a size in excess of 60 pounds.

Bluewater Lakes shared a video of The Carrot being returned to the water after being weighed and photographed.

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