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NewsAG's office rejects Jakpa's application for dismissal of charges in ambulance case


AG’s office rejects Jakpa’s application for dismissal of charges in ambulance case


The Attorney General’s Office has filed a response to oppose Richard Jakpa’s request to drop the charges against him or pause the trial in the ongoing ambulance case.

An affidavit, filed in response to Jakpa’s legal move, outlines a series of rebuttals to the claims made by the accused.

According to the affidavit, the Attorney General’s office is firmly opposed to the application, which it describes as “unfounded, unmeritorious and unknown to the law.”

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The document asserts that the charges against Jakpa are justified and that the proceedings have been conducted in accordance with Ghanaian legal standards.

The affidavit goes on to state that there are no proper grounds to warrant the dismissal of the case, emphasizing that the application is a “smokescreen” and a “veiled attempt” by Jakpa to escape prosecution for his alleged role in causing financial loss to the state.

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It further argues that the Attorney General has a constitutional responsibility to prosecute all crimes within the Republic and that this duty cannot be prohibited or hindered by any person, as all are equal before the law.

In a detailed point-by-point refutation, the affidavit denies each allegation made by Jakpa in his application. It labels the allegations as “spurious” and “mischievously calculated” to cast doubt on the court’s ability to dispense justice.

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The document also addresses specific paragraphs from Jakpa’s affidavit, labeling them as epitomizing the falsehoods present in his application.

Affidavit in Opposition to Motion by 3rd Accused by The Independent Ghana on Scribd

The AG’s office also highlighted that the decision to discharge another accused, Dr. Sylvester Anemana, from the case was due to his severe illness, not because of any “exculpatory evidence” in favor of Jakpa.

It also counters Jakpa’s suggestion that the entry of nolle prosequi against Dr. Anemana was based on evidence that favored him, stating that Dr. Anemana’s testimony before being discharged rather vindicated the decision to charge all accused, including Jakpa himself.

The Attorney General’s office denies any collusion with witnesses or manipulation of evidence, maintaining that the prosecution has led with credible evidence and witnesses, resulting in a prima facie case being established against all accused persons. The affidavit also refutes the notion that the Attorney General has not upheld the rights of all parties, asserting that his actions have been in the interest of justice and without bias.

The affidavit concludes by stating that the application is frivolous, vexatious, and a complete waste of the court’s time, urging for the case to be brought to a firm conclusion based on the credible evidence presented.

As the legal battle intensifies, the public and media continue to closely monitor the developments in this case, which has significant implications for the rule of law and accountability in Ghana.

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