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2024 elections: Whoever is willing to address our concerns will get our support – FABAG

The Food and Beverage Association of Ghana (FABAG) has signaled its readiness to back any presidential candidate addressing its concerns and challenges.

In a statement released on Monday, February 12, FABAG’s chairman, John Awuni, expressed concern about the escalating tax burden on the private sector, underscoring the association’s eagerness to learn the positions of political parties’ flagbearers regarding taxes and policies beneficial to members and their businesses.

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The statement highlighted the adverse impact of numerous taxes on imports, leading businesses to explore or export through other West African countries.

Currently, the private sector is disheartened, with many considering investment options in neighboring countries like Togo and Cote d’Ivoire, witnessing a daily depletion of their working capital.

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FABAG encourages its members to vote based on the taxes and policies proposed by presidential aspirants.

The association emphasizes the need for a revitalized private sector and urges political parties to articulate specific tax policies for imports, manufacturing, and the service sector.

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It seeks clarity on how the private sector’s key concerns will be addressed, expressing dissatisfaction with the current business environment.

FABAG urged a commitment to genuinely profitable private sector support and laments feeling unwelcome by the government, viewed as “criminals” for demanding relief from over-taxation.

“Currently, the private sector is disillusioned, with most players exploring investment options in neighbouring countries such as Togo and Cote d’Ivoire. Most businesses are seeing their working capital disappearing by the day.”

“Indeed, members of our association as well as our employees will be encouraged to vote based on how the various political parties commit to address the key concerns of the private sector. The sector is the engine of growth but currently, the engine is grinding to halt. Business-friendly government policies which constitute fuel and lubricants of a healthy engine have gradually been replaced with business-killer policies. We would like to know how this engine will be re-ignited when a new administration takes power. How the sector will be revitalized needs to be clearly articulated and documented in manifestoes. Questions that beg the attention of those seeking the mandate of Ghanaians to govern are as follows: What will be the specific tax policies for imports, manufacturing and the Service sector? How will they make the private sector genuinely profitable if given the mandate? At the moment, most players, including members of our apex association in the private sector feel unwelcomed by the government and viewed as though they are criminals for demanding a break from over-taxation. The attacks, mudslinging and harassment are dispiriting. We don’t feel the backing and support of the State.”

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