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WorldRepublican lawmakers respond to Trump's verdict with rage


Republican lawmakers respond to Trump’s verdict with rage


Republican politicians were very angry when a jury in New York found Donald Trump guilty of falsifying business records to affect the 2016 election. They all seemed to agree that they didn’t think the trial was fair.

House Speaker Mike Johnson said it was a very bad day in American history and the charges were only because of politics. Ohio Sen JD Vance said the verdict was a disgrace to the judicial system. And Louisiana Rep Steve Scalise, the No 2 House Republican, said that the decision was a loss for Americans who believe in the important idea that justice is fair to everyone.

Shortly after the verdict was announced, Republicans who were previously not all in agreement with their chosen GOP presidential candidate, joined together to criticize the judge, the jury, and President Joe Biden without giving many details. This happened even though the conviction was on state charges in a Manhattan court. As the highest-ranking federal official in the country, Biden cannot control what happens in the New York City courtroom.

The jury decided that Trump lied about some documents to try to win the election by giving money to a porn actress who claimed she had sex with him. The Republicans reacted the same way Trump did. Trump said the trial was rigged and disgraceful and he will appeal quickly.

The anger and loud complaints were very strong, and this time, politicians didn’t hold back from criticizing judges and juries like they usually do. A single Republican, former Maryland Governor. Larry Hogan said before the decision that people should “follow the decision and the legal process. ”

“At this very divided time in our history, all leaders – no matter their party – should not make things worse with more angry arguing,” said Hogan, who is running for Senate in Maryland, before the verdict was given. “We need to remind ourselves of what has made this country great: following the laws. ”

There is no proof that the trial was fixed. However, Trump’s lawyers have raised concerns about a $15 donation that Judge Juan Manuel Merchan made to Biden in 2020 and his daughter’s job as a consultant for the Democratic party. The judge said no to Trump’s lawyers’ request to step down. He said he is sure he can be fair and neutral.

However, Republicans have focused on Trump’s criticisms of the judge and the legal process in the New York trial and three other cases in Atlanta and Washington. These cases accuse him of trying to overturn the 2020 election and illegally keeping top-secret records after his presidency. Several Republican lawmakers, including Johnson, have gone to the courthouse to show their support for him.

South Carolina Sen Lindsey Graham said that the verdict shows more about the system than the accusations. He has been a strong supporter of Trump.

Trump became the first ex-president to be found guilty of serious crimes by a court. Almost all Republican lawmakers in Congress are strongly supporting him in this year’s election.

“Great job, progressives,” announced Sen. Mike Lee from Utah. “You just made sure that Trump will win the election. ”

Republicans criticized Congress while they were on a break using social media, press releases, and appearing on television. Not only Trump’s friends but also some of his critics were upset.

Texas Senator John Cornyn, who had separated himself from the former president after the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack by Donald Trump’s supporters, said “this decision is shameful, and this trial should not have taken place. ”

“Now is the time to support @realdonaldtrump, win the White House and Senate, and make our country better,” said Cornyn, who is running to take over as Senate Republican Leader from Mitch McConnell after the November election. “The actual decision will be made on Election Day. ”

South Dakota Senator John Thune, who is the number 2 Republican in the Senate and running for leader, and has been critical of Trump, said the case was started for political reasons, and today’s decision doesn’t change that.

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, a member of the Republican party, voted against Trump in his second trial after the Capitol attack. He said he disagreed with the decision, but wasn’t surprised because of the way the trial was conducted.

McConnell didn’t say anything about the verdict. He and Trump haven’t been getting along, but he recently supported Trump’s campaign for 2024.

As predicted, Democrats were happy and tried to lessen the GOP criticisms of the process.

“Trump supporters are planning to criticize the jury and the court because they want to weaken our democracy and they need people to think the justice system is unfair,” wrote Sen Chris Murphy, D-Conn. “It is not. ” Donald Trump did something against the law. He was caught. He was found guilty. “That’s how the law works. “

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