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NewsNPP agents prevented me from engaging first time voters - Dumelo on...


NPP agents prevented me from engaging first time voters – Dumelo on scuffle video


National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon, John Dumelo has spoken about a video circulating online showing an encounter between himself and New Patriotic Party (NPP) agents at the Legon Campus voter registration center.

The incident took place while Dumelo was visiting the center to thank first-time voters, generating considerable public interest.

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Dumelo clarified that his purpose at the center was to express gratitude and take photos with those registering for the upcoming election.

During this interaction, NPP agents approached him, claiming his actions were unauthorized but failed to provide a valid reason.

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Dumelo expressed concern over what he perceived as the agents’ inflated sense of authority due to their government positions, leading them to try and prevent his engagement with new voters.

He recounted an incident where an NPP agent objected to a student taking a photo with him, escalating tensions.

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Dumelo stressed that his presence wasn’t politically motivated but aimed at acknowledging and appreciating new voters.

He criticized the NPP agents’ actions as obstructive to meaningful voter engagement, contrasting it with the current NPP MP, Lydia Alhassan, who engages with voters in similar settings.

Watch video below:


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