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LifestyleMidwife advises pregnant women to have more sex in their 9th month


Midwife advises pregnant women to have more sex in their 9th month

A Senior Midwife at Achimota Hospital, Maame Akosua Asante, has advised women in their ninth month of pregnancy to engage in more sexual activity as the hormones in sperm can expedite labor.

“Women who are almost due for labour need more sex, especially if they have no complications. Sex at this stage of the pregnancy is very essential and we encourage the men to have more sex with their pregnant partners if they are comfortable,” Maame Akosua Asante advised.
Advising husbands on their role in the lives of their pregnant wives, she said;

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“The men must attend antenatal classes with their women. In fact, to encourage the men to do so we attend quickly to such a couple in some of the hospitals”. This is the time pregnant women need support from their men by way of giving them compliments especially with the changes in their bodies”.

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