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WorldMan who posts pictures of himself on vacation to mock police wanted


Man who posts pictures of himself on vacation to mock police wanted

The individual who absconded following their friend’s fatal car accident is now provocatively sharing pictures of their pleasure trip in another country, taunting the police.

Ewan Aaron Corbett, 25, missed his court date in 2022 and the police in the UK are looking for him. He is accused of causing the death of Shane Finn, 21.

He has been seen in Switzerland, Thailand, and Vietnam and is thought to be using a fake name to enter these countries.

The police in the UK asked for help finding him, but he posted pictures of himself with a fake gun in Malaysia.

Interpol wants to arrest Corbett because they think he traveled around Asia using a fake name.

Corbett has been trying to avoid being caught by posting many pictures of himself without a shirt in different beautiful places around the world on his social media.

Corbett has indicated in not-so-obvious ways that he is now a wanted man, like when he titled one of his pictures: ‘Body like Baywatch face like Crimewatch. ’

Another picture of him half naked on a boat was captioned with “Before I go away forever. ”

Prosecutor Timothy Jacobs said in court this week that the person has been traveling in southeast Asia and using a fake name and giving money to get into countries. He has an Interpol red notice and a European Union arrest warrant issued for him.

However, the CPS doesn’t want to start the process to send him back to another country until the police can find out exactly where he is.

People are still working on it and intelligence officers are checking his social media to find out where he is. The Interpol warning is not as serious as a warrant.

“If he goes to a country outside of the EU where Interpol works, they can choose to arrest him, but they don’t have to. ”

North Yorkshire Police are asking for help to find Corbett, who they think may be in another country. They are trying very hard to find him.

Corbett, who is from Middlesbrough, was accused of driving dangerously and causing the death of Shane Finn. He was also charged with driving without a licence or insurance.

Shane died in a car crash in May 2020 while riding in an Audi A3 on Knott Road in the North York Moors National Park.

After leaving the UK, Corbett has posted many pictures on Facebook, appearing to enjoy being wanted by the authorities.

He was photographed on a rugged vehicle in Vietnam on October 10 last year.

Afterwards, he posted a picture of himself on a snowy mountain, saying it was in Switzerland, on October 26th.

On New Year’s Day, Corbett shared pictures of himself swimming in a waterfall and asked his friends and family to share their phone numbers so they could keep in touch.

The lawyers said they think he is now in Thailand, but his latest photo says he’s on Penang Island in Malaysia.

After the court hearing yesterday, they decided that his three-day trial will happen in September. It will happen even if Corbett is not there.

His lawyer, Victoria Lamballe, said that she hasn’t been told what to do by him and may no longer be his lawyer in this case.

Corbett is also accused of driving dangerously in an incident in November 2021, more than a year after Mr. Finn died

The trials for both cases will happen in York Crown Court.

Shane’s family members and a father from Middlesbrough went to the hearing on Monday.

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