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How to build an academic CV to earn a good scholarship in your graduate school pursuit

Keep in mind that a CV for academic study differs from a CV for the workplace.

The format and content of an academic CV varies by country.

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You only list your tertiary education on your academic CV. No information on a secondary or primary school.

Academic CV does not have space for date of birth, gender, state of origin, number of children, hobbies and chieftaincy titles.

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Academic CV only includes languages that are international and transactional. Not Orobo, Annang, Efik or kuli kuli.

The five most important parts of an academic CV are;

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  • Personal details (Begin from your name)
  • Education
  • Research Interest
  • Experiences (Research, Teaching and Professional in that order)
  • Volunteering and community service.

The other parts that makes it up are; skills, scholarship and publication, professional affiliations, referees.

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