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WorldDemocrats support Biden as age concerns raised by article


Democrats support Biden as age concerns raised by article

Democrats are standing up for President Joe Biden after a report about how he handles secret papers made people worried about his age and mental abilities.

Mr Biden will not be in trouble for keeping secret documents, but the report said he is an old man who means well but has a bad memory.

Vice-President Kamala Harris criticized the description as unnecessary, wrong, and not suitable.

She also said the prosecutor was doing it for political reasons.

Robert Hur, who was chosen by Donald Trump and had worked for two conservative judges, was chosen last year to investigate classified documents for Biden.

Prosecutor in trouble because of report about Biden.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland chose him in January when the justice department was getting backlash from Republicans for appointing a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump’s handling of secret files.

Mr Hur’s report that was made available to the public had a letter from the White House. The letter asked for the comments about the president’s memory to be changed in a way that fits with Mr. Hur’s expertise and job responsibilities.

Ms Harris, who used to work as a prosecutor, repeated the same criticism at a news conference on Friday.

She said that the way the president was described in the report was completely inaccurate and was clearly done for political reasons.

“We should expect the prosecutor to have a strong sense of honesty and fairness when dealing with a case like this. ”

Democratic friends in Congress also told the media that they thought Mr. Hur’s comments were not part of the investigation.

Senator Jeff Merkley from Oregon said that he thinks it was completely wrong for the special counsel to handle the task the way they did.

“Too bad it went into the wrong place. ”

Minnesota’s Tina Smith said that Mr. Hur’s comments were really bad and terrible. She accused him of using his position for political reasons.

Ever since Mr. Biden started running for president again, people have been worried about how old he is and if he can think clearly.

He is 81 years old, only a little older than the leading Republican candidate, former President Donald Trump, who is 77.

This report hasn’t eased voters’ worries much. It is claimed that Mr. Biden couldn’t remember when his son Beau died from cancer or when he worked as vice-president when talking to investigators.

However, Democrats who talked to the media on Friday said they are not worried about the president’s mental abilities.

Senator Jon Ossoff from Georgia said: “No one is being charged as a result of the report. ” Unexpected comments that are different from what one would usually expect in a detailed and meaningful report. Just a bunch of annoying sounds.

The youngest person in the Senate, Mr. Ossoff, said he has spent a lot of time with the president in the last few months.

“I think he is smart, focused, very impressive and capable,” he said.

MrOssoff’s friends agreed, including Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, who said the president is “smart and has a lot of experience” at a news conference on Friday.

The Democrats still believe strongly in the president, he said. “We want to stay with someone who knows what this country needs. ”

“Caption on the media”

But some people on the other side said that Mr. Hur’s comments make it seem like Mr. Biden is not capable of being president.

“Thom Tillis, a Senator from North Carolina, said that he’s starting to worry about the effort of someone who is doing their best. ”

“I believe that whoever becomes the leader of our country should be fully prepared and capable, no matter their age. ” This is what the moderate Republican said.

Larry Sabato, the director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, told the media that people are worried about Mr. Biden’s age and it could affect his chances of getting re-elected.

Experts have found that polls show people aren’t as bothered by Mr. Trump’s age as they are by Mr. Biden’s, even though both men make similar mistakes while campaigning.

In the past few months, both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump have made mistakes when speaking in public, like mixing up the names of world leaders and US politicians.

But Trump’s loud and aggressive way of speaking and always being on the attack may make people see him as a more lively candidate, said Chris Borick, the director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion.

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