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WorldCambridge to welcome student from Ukraine to study maths


Cambridge to welcome student from Ukraine to study maths

A 17-year-old student from Kent, who is from Ukraine, got accepted to study math at the University of Cambridge.

David came to Kent two years ago because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He has been studying at Skinners School in Tunbridge Wells since then.

He told media in the South East that he thought he was good at math, so he applied. I thought I had an equal chance of getting in.

David’s math teacher said he was the best student he had ever taught.

“Laurence Satow, who has been a teacher for 30 years, said: “He is the best student I have ever taught. ” Success is certain.

The school’s principal, Ed Wesson, said: “He has worked really hard and fit in well, especially considering he couldn’t speak the language when he first started. ”

“I am very impressed and fascinated by his talent. ”

David’s mom remembered: “He always liked numbers, not pictures. ” He enjoyed numbers since he was little.

He will start studying at Cambridge in the fall.

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