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WorldAttempt to transport aid by sea to Gaza progressing - Report


Attempt to transport aid by sea to Gaza progressing – Report

A ship from the US Army is bringing equipment to build a temporary pier in Gaza, following President Joe Biden’s plan to send more help to the area by sea. Many Palestinians in Gaza are starving and need the aid.

In the last hours before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, there is a new effort to give help. Ramadan might start soon, depending on the sighting of a crescent moon. Hopes for a new agreement to stop fighting before Ramadan are no longer likely, as talks seem to be stuck and no progress is being made.

The sea corridor and airdrops by the US, Jordan, and others, showed that people are very worried about the bad situation in Gaza. They are willing to find new ways to help, instead of depending on Israel for deliveries. Israel said it is happy to receive shipments by sea and will check the cargo before it goes to Gaza from Cyprus.

However, experts who help people say that sending things by air and sea cannot replace the lack of ways to send things on land. In the last five months, fewer aid trucks have been coming into Gaza by land compared to before the war.

A boat from a Spanish organization called Open Arms is going to test a new route with 200 tons of food. They want to do this test very soon. The ship stayed at the port in Cyprus, and the situation was changing quickly.

Biden said that Netanyahu is not helping Israel in the war with Hamas and is actually making things worse. They have been fighting for six months.

On Saturday, the President of the United States said on MSNBC that he supports Israel’s right to go after Hamas after the attack on southern Israel. He also said that the Prime Minister of Israel needs to care more about the innocent people who are getting hurt. He said that too many Palestinians have already died.

The Health Ministry in Gaza reported that over 31,000 Palestinians have died since the war started. The ministry counts women and children as two-thirds of the dead, without distinguishing between civilians and soldiers. The ministry is part of the government run by Hamas, and its numbers from past wars have mostly been the same as those from the UN and other experts.

More and more Palestinians are getting hurt or killed. The Civil Defense Department reported that a house in Gaza City was hit by an Israeli airstrike on Saturday night, resulting in the deaths of at least nine Palestinians, including children. Video that was shared showed one person who saved someone putting the body of a dead baby on a couch in the middle of the wreckage.

In another place, 15 people, including women and children, were brought to the main hospital in the town of Deir al-Balah. Family members said that the Palestinians were killed by Israeli bombing at a camp for displaced people in the southern part of Gaza.

Israel doesn’t usually talk about specific things that happen during the war. It says that Hamas is to blame for hurting innocent people because they hide among civilians.

Meanwhile, the US started to build a temporary pier in Gaza for boats to bring in supplies. The US Central Command said that the first US Army ship, the General Frank S. Besson left Virginia on Saturday and was going to the Eastern Mediterranean with construction equipment.

American officials said that it will probably take a few weeks before the pier is able to be used again.

The European Union, United States, United Arab Emirates, and other countries support the sea corridor. The European Commission said that the UN agencies and the Red Cross will be involved.

The boat in Cyprus will take two to three days to reach a secret place. The World Central Kitchen started building a jetty in Gaza on Sunday, but they didn’t say exactly where it is.

A person from the charity said on social media that when the ship’s barge reaches Gaza, aid will be taken off by a crane, put on trucks, and taken to northern Gaza. This area has not been getting much aid and was the first place where Israel attacked.

Israel started a war in October. After Hamas fighters killed around 1,200 people, mostly innocent civilians, and captured 250 hostages. Israel has attacked Gaza’s air and ground, causing a lot of damage and forcing 80% of the 2. 3 million people to leave their homes.

The US, Egypt, and Qatar wanted to have a break from fighting for six weeks during Ramadan. But Hamas is waiting for guarantees that the temporary peace will stop the fighting for good.

Mediators wanted to make the immediate crisis better with a temporary break from fighting. This would mean that Hamas would let some Israeli hostages go, Israel would release some Palestinian prisoners, and aid groups could bring a lot of help to Gaza.

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