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BusinessAlan Kyerematen vows to scrap E-Levy if elected President


Alan Kyerematen vows to scrap E-Levy if elected President

Leader of the Movement for Change and a 2024 Independent Presidential aspirant, Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, has made a bold pledge to abolish the controversial Electronic Transaction Levy (E-Levy) if he assumes office as President of Ghana.

Kyerematen’s commitment to scrapping the E-Levy was announced during his appearance on Asempa FM’s political talk show “Ɛkosii Sɛn” on Tuesday afternoon, February 6, 2024. He emphasized the detrimental impact of the E-Levy on the Ghanaian populace and stressed the importance of encouraging electronic transactions for economic growth.

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The E-Levy, a proposed tax on electronic transactions, has faced significant opposition from various quarters since its introduction. Critics argue that it would impose a heavy financial burden on citizens and hinder financial inclusion, particularly among marginalized communities.

In contrast, Kyerematen asserted that abolishing the E-Levy would promote electronic transactions and stimulate economic activity. He emphasized the need to prioritize policies that foster economic growth and improve the welfare of Ghanaians.

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Kyerematen’s pledge to abolish the E-Levy aligns with his broader vision of economic reform and development.

As a presidential aspirant, he has been actively engaged in proposing some solutions to address the country’s economic challenges. In line with this, the leader of the Movement for Change has put forward 152 practical solutions he believes can transform Ghana’s current economic woes. 

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These solutions, formulated by a team of experts assembled by Kyerematen, were unveiled at the National Economic Summit organized by his movement.

The proposed solutions cover four key areas identified under the Economic Cluster, focusing on macroeconomy, industrial transformation, agricultural transformation, and tourism. 

Kyerematen expressed confidence that these initiatives would instill hope among Ghanaians and alleviate the prevailing hardships.

Drawing a contrast with the approach of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia during his tenure as running mate in the opposition, Kyerematen emphasized his commitment to providing solutions rather than merely raising questions. He highlighted the need for proactive measures to address the country’s pressing issues, underlining his readiness to collaborate with the government in implementing these solutions.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s political talk show “Ɛkosii Sɛn,” Kyerematen elaborated further on the proposed solutions. He also pledged to abolish the controversial electronic transaction levy (e-levy) if elected as President. Kyerematen criticized the e-levy, describing it as detrimental to the welfare of Ghanaians and arguing that its abolition would promote electronic transactions and stimulate economic growth.

Kyerematen’s stance on the e-levy aligns with his broader vision of fostering economic development and prosperity in Ghana. With his comprehensive set of solutions and commitment to addressing pressing economic challenges, Kyerematen aims to offer a viable path forward for the country’s economic recovery and growth.

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